Fundraising software

With your organization, you are pursuing the mission of making the world a little better. The effectiveness and digitization of your fundraising activities and project work are becoming more and more important. This is exactly where you will find comprehensive support from the market-leading Donation management for GRÜN Software Group the. With a donation volume of over 1 billion euros pa, we are the market leader in Germany and Austria as a provider.

Our solutions for donation organizations

From the Donation management up to Online fundraising tools Depending on the size and the required area of ​​application, we offer suitable software solutions that are all networked with one another. In addition to our software solutions, we offer you as GRÜN Group We also offer additional agency services and thus become a holistic strategy partner for your donation organization. We thus clearly surpass the solution portfolio of classic software companies.

Donation management GRÜN VEWA

Market leading donation management

GRÜN VEWA7 is the core solution of our market-leading Donation management. GRÜN VEWA optimizes your fundraising activities and donation projects and at the same time serves as the central ERP and CRM system for donation organizations. In addition, donors can use the native App GRÜN mVEWA to be advertised.

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Online donation management

GRÜN eVEWA4 is the Online donation management. As a core solution, the software supports all donation-collecting NPOs, such as relief organizations, foundations and associations, with the complete donation management including CRM and fundraising.

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GRÜN eVEWA4 is the new online industry software for non-profit organizations and education providers.

Campaign management for donation organizations

GRÜN IMB is the web-based software for donation management for medium-sized donation organizations with a focus on automated campaign management.

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SAP donation management

GRÜN MFplus is our solution in the SAP world and the market leader SAP based donation managementwhich is geared towards processes of donation organizations. The software runs seamlessly in the SAP ERP environment and is used in large donation organizations.

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GRÜN MFplus - SAP certified software for member management and donation management
Donation form

Online fundraising tools for donation organizations

Simply collect online donations: With the GRÜN spendino fundraising tools you have a competent partner and a strong solution for online fundraising. GRÜN spendino offers next to one Donation form Auch SMS fundraising tools. With the GRÜN spendino Cockpit, you have fundraising software in the background to manage all donor data.

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Agency services for non-profit organizations

Digital agency

When you get to a Website relaunch or a connection between your website and ours GRÜN-Product world think, then we offer you with giftGRÜN the perfect solution. Because giftGRÜN specializes both in the field of digital fundraising and in the implementation of websites connected to your GRÜN-Donation management specialized.

TYPO3 icons

TYPO3 website

As a silver partner of the TYPO3 Association, we offer a powerful TYPO3 website ecosystem with our project template "TYPO3 Greenlabel", which significantly speeds up development.


WordPress website

For the world's leading CMS WordPress there are a number of ready-made modules and templates that, combined with experience, quickly lead to the goal of a professional website.


Fundraising agency

More and more market participants want to get a piece of the donation cake and the Fundraising agency GRÜN alpha supports you in this. At the same time, the number of donors is falling in Germany. And those who do are getting older. Existing aid and donation organizations want to consolidate their position. Foundations are looking for new sources of income. New foundations and associations are coming onto the market. And church organizations are suffering from the crisis of trust, even if they have nothing to do with misconduct in the official church or receive anything from the church tax.

Fundraising agency

Fundraising agency

We understand fundraising as a systematic approach to attracting and retaining donors, members or participants on the basis of a clearly defined strategy and with the help of proven fundraising instruments.

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Google Partner

With Google optimized content, successful campaigns via Google Grants and great expertise in other areas of online marketing is GRÜN alpha the right partner for digital fundraising.

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Non-Profit Organizations That Trust Us

In the following we provide you with references from users who use our solutions for Donation management deploy. The following references are only a small selection.

German Children's Aid Association

Wikimedia Germany - Society for the Promotion of Free Knowledge e. V.
Malteser Hilfsdienst eV
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