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The GRÜN Handwerk Digital GmbH offers digital solutions and agency services for the trade.

Digital solutions and agency services for the craft.

The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the GRÜN Handwerk Digital GmbH

The GRÜN Handwerk Digital GmbH supports together with the Marketing handicraft GmbH For over 20 years trade associations, chambers of trade, district trade associations, guilds and craft businesses in marketing with agency services. With the entry of GRÜN Group, supplementary digital products for the craft are brought in and developed.

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Digital transformation with GRÜN Digital consulting

Research on digitization in the craft sector - Craftsman Cloud project

The GRÜN Lab of GRÜN Software Group the researches together with Clausthal University of Technology on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics.

The Craftsman Cloud project aims to make modern cloud systems accessible to craft businesses. This clientele in particular benefits enormously from an easily usable, centrally administrable and demand-oriented IT infrastructure. At the same time, however, the access barrier in this area is many times higher than, for example, in larger companies, since there are usually no IT resources of their own. In addition, the IT service providers in charge are often small companies themselves, so that cloud know-how is rarely available here too. The project sees the solution in a largely automated cloud out of the box concept as well as an infrastructure consisting of a platform and a specialist application store, which is to be developed and implemented as a prototype.

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