GRÜN.SOCIAL2: Social collaboration with eVEWA integration


Good teamwork and efficient communication are the basis of every successful collaboration: GRÜN.SOCIAL2 As a social collaboration platform, it ensures optimal networking and guarantees fast, smooth and secure interaction.

Social intranet solution GRÜN.SOCIAL2

GRÜNAs a web-based social software, .SOCIAL offers all the important functions for establishing effective online collaboration in organizations and companies. In self-organizing, virtual groups, all users can communicate in real time or exchange information in forums. To the other functions of GRÜN.SOCIAL include, for example, file sharing, an eLearning system or a Zoom integration for online meetings. GRÜN.SOCIAL can be used flexibly and can therefore be adapted to individual needs. All functions in GRÜN.SOCIAL are individually adaptable and you decide for yourself which modules and functions you want to use. Base of GRÜN.SOCIAL2 is the world's leading content management system WordPress, supported by giftGRÜN, the digital agency of GRÜN Software Group. We are happy to fit GRÜN.SOCIAL to your own corporate design.

Member Profiles

Every user in GRÜN.SOCIAL has its own user profile. All fields in the user profile, such as profile picture, cover picture, qualifications or contact information can be customized. In addition, every user can create photo albums via his profile, upload documents and has his own timeline and blog. Users can network with one another individually and thus build a community.

News feed

Via the news feed you can see the latest activities and the online status of all users at a glance or you can post something yourself. All activities can be commented or marked with a "like". This is how you can easily stay in touch with your community.


No more e-mail back and forth. Form groups for projects or departments and transfer their organizational structure to GRÜN.SOCIAL. Groups can be public, closed, or private.


Do you want to quickly exchange ideas with several members about topics within your organization? In your GRÜN.SOCIAL you can set up group-internal or comprehensive discussion forums and receive automatic notifications of new activities also by e-mail. Add photos, links or documents to your contribution to the discussion.

Appointment book

Via the appointment calendar in GRÜN.SOCIAL, events, webinars or other events can be easily and conveniently displayed online.


In GRÜN.SOCIAL there is no limit to the number of online courses that can be created and sold. Share your knowledge, start your community and enable your employees to learn from each other under one roof.

GRÜN Integrate SOCIAL into eVEWA.

Seamless integration in GRÜN eVEWA

GRÜN.SOCIAL can be seamlessly integrated into GRÜN eVEWA, the online industry software for clubs and associations, donation organizations and seminar providers. This is made possible by a Single sign-on, a secure authentication process in which the user enters his login data once in eVEWA and these are automatically transferred to the connected GRÜN.SOCIAL are passed on.

What is also special is that individual functions of GRÜN.SOCIAL can be seamlessly integrated into the eVEWA environment. For example, the group functionality and the eLearning area can be integrated into eVEWA.

Technical specifications

GRÜN.SOCIAL relies on WordPress, the world's leading content management system, in the background. You decide whether you GRÜN.SOCIAL want to host it yourself or whether you want to do the hosting in the GRÜN App cloud want to outsource.

There are the following minimum server requirements for hosting:

  • WordPress 5.7 or higher is required
  • PHP 7.3 or higher
  • MySQL 5.6 or MariaDB version 10.1
  • Storage space at least 20 GB or more
  • RAM at least 2 GB
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