Collect SMS donations with GRÜN spendino

SMS donations

SMS donations collect with GRÜN spendino: Many people today use the smartphone as an indispensable and constant companion in every situation. In addition to making calls and writing short messages, the smartphone offers, thanks GRÜN spendino, also the possibility to do something good by SMS.

Donation amount between 1 and 10 euros

At a SMS donation All donors have to do is send an SMS with a specific code word. Then a predetermined donation amount is between 1 and 10 Euro deducted from the donor's mobile phone bill and automatically credited to the donation organization. The whole process is extremely simple and can be done in a few seconds.

Not least, this appeals to young people who have grown up with smartphones and text messages. Almost all cell phones and smartphones in Germany are equipped for SMS donations. Prepaid customers can also donate with their credit. The reach of your fundraising campaign increases enormously with SMS donations.

Donate simply by SMS with the SMS donation tools from GRÜN spendino.

With SMS you can reach donors anytime and anywhere

Today people are more willing to donate than seldom before. Projects that are important to an individual are also regularly supported with SMS donations.

With SMS donations from GRÜN spendino reach your donors anytime, anywhere. In combination with the Online donation forms offer your donors various donation channels.

Packages & prices

Donation cockpit

The GRÜN spendino Cockpit is your donation management in real time. Always keep track of all SMS donations. Fast, easy and safe!

Extensive evaluation options for online fundraising activities since the new release of GRÜN spendino.

Collect SMS donations with GRÜN spendino

SMS donations as an introduction

If you have never donated before, you should be particularly careful with your first donation. SMS donations are also ideal in this case to attract people to donations. They are often used by first-time and small donors. Thanks to the simple process, they can get used to donating at their own pace. Quite a few SMS donors later switch to donating regularly or transferring larger amounts. The SMS donation with the 81190 also establishes the first contact with an organization for some donors. Due to the simplicity, the donor immediately feels good.

Benefits of SMS donations

In addition to the range already mentioned, SMS donations with the 81190 offer many other advantages. For one thing, many people already know this number as a reliable provider for donations. This creates a relationship of trust. The 81190 as a donation number is known from television and radio.

The simple process of SMS donations also has significant advantages in terms of advertising. Because whoever sees a poster or a commercial with a number for SMS donations can initiate a payment immediately. If, on the other hand, people decide to make a bank transfer or the like because of an advertisement, in many cases they simply forget about it over time. Due to the possibility of direct donation, this behavior occurs much less frequently with SMS donations.

This is how SMS donation works

SMS donations with GRÜN spendino are simple and straightforward. With GRÜN spendino, SMS donation campaigns can be created in next to no time. We reserve your keyword, which your donors send to 81190. For you as a donation organization, all you have to do is specify a code word and a basic donation amount between 1 and 10 euros. We will do the rest for you. Fundraisers no longer have to worry about anything else. So it is very easy and convenient to have an SMS fundraiser GRÜN to organize spendino.

Ab 39 Euro a month are you already there: Im SMS start package by GRÜN spendino includes a keyword. But take a look for yourself. You will find further information in our price list.


Non-Profit Organizations That Trust Us

Below we provide you with references from users of our online fundraising tools. The following references represent only a small selection of customers who use our online donation form or the SMS donation tools.

Peace Village International
Foundation for the Preservation of Church Monuments in Germany

The Johanniter Accident Assistance
LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e. V
Pharmacists Without Borders Germany eV

SCM Bundes-Verlag gGmbH
Cap Anamur has been active in war and crisis zones, after natural disasters and in various emergency situations for over 40 years.
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