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The GRÜN Software Group offers about the GRÜN Business Services (GBS) IT outsourcing. All data centers are located in Germany, for example in our Aachen headquarters or our Düren location.

GRÜN App cloud

The portfolio of GRÜN Business services in IT outsourcing includes the operation and provision of servers in our certified data center in Aachen, in summary also as GRÜN AppCloud called. The hosting area is divided into Web Hosting and ASP hosting as a special service in connection with the software solutions of GRÜN VEWA family. In summary, everyone can GRÜN Software solutions as an alternative to our customers' own operation, also in the GRÜN AppCloud operated.

Web Hosting

With the managed hosting offers we offer as GRÜN Business Services enables the operation of websites directly from our own certified data center in Aachen. The services offered are for the use of the internet-based management system GRÜN eVEWA as well as optimized for TYPO3 and WordPress.

The “Professional” package forms the basis for web hosting. This offers comprehensive services and functions for the professional operation of GRÜN eVEWA:
  • Web hosting on the basis of an Apache, nginx or IIS web server in the data center in Aachen (GRÜN app cloud)
  • 1 de-domain, subdomains optional
  • Creation and installation of an SSL certificate for the secure transmission of data between visitors and web server
  • Provision of access to a MySQL database with RAID technology
  • Traffic volume of 15 GB / month included
  • Database and web server optimized for the management of address data and other administrative data on the Internet GRÜN eVEWA eAdresses
  • Professional data backup cycles (daily backup, max. 5 working days undone, additional weekly backup max. 4 weeks undone, additional monthly backup 1 year)
  • Selective restoration of data backups of eVEWA data tables for optimized restoration, also of individual user tables in the event of data errors (managed service)

ASP hosting

ASP hosting (Application Service Providing) enables you, the customer, to access applications such as the administration solution via Internet access GRÜN VEWA centrally on servers in the data center of GRÜN Operate business services. The client application is executed on the central server and made available to the user via Terminal Services. Any internet-enabled client can be used as a customer client (Microsoft Windows PC, Apple MacOS, Linux, ThinClients). Optimal use with the integration of additional services (professional printer control, convenient file transfer, etc.) is particularly possible with Microsoft Windows PCs from version 7.

The ASP hosting "basic package" includes the following services:
  • Provision of an ASP server farm, consisting of several terminal servers for dynamic load balancing in the data center in Aachen (GRÜN app cloud)
  • Provision and operation of server hardware, including associated operating system software
  • Provision of other required server-side software licenses
  • Establishment of permanent access and provision of access data for each user for the client
  • Storage space of 5 GB per permanent access
  • Monthly transfer volume of 1 GB per permanent access
  • Professional data backup cycles (daily backup, max. 5 working days undone, additional weekly backup max. 4 weeks undone, additional monthly backup 1 year)
  • Calculation of the ASP hosting fee for each access set up on the central server system
  • Optimized for the use of GRÜN VEWA and others GRÜN software solutions

Dedicated hosting

In addition to the above-described ASP and web hosting offered in sharing mode, there is also the option of dedicated hosting. An environment is provided exclusively for you, which you do not share with other customers.


As an alternative to hosting GRÜN also offers managed server housing. The customer's own systems are operated in our data center. As a result, the availability of the server is guaranteed via line connections to our data center.

Data Center

Customers who choose hosting in the GRÜN AppCloud or a housing in our data center will benefit significantly from the modern and security-oriented equipment of our data center. Our data center, through which the server operation of our managed IT outsourcing services is processed, has the following individual performance features:

  • Certification by a publicly appointed and sworn expert as "Carrying out an examination and documentation of the operational security of a data center and the application of an information security management system (ISMS)."
  • Symmetrical data center connection via glass fiber (power band 1 GBit).
  • Fallback line to ensure data center operation in the event of a line failure
  • Air-conditioned server rooms (redundant technology)
  • Separate power circuits and professional UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Server monitoring system around the clock (24/7) using radio and SMS technology
  • VdS alarm system with connection to a VdS recognized alarm center (security service)
  • Smoke and fire alarm system with sabotage detector, which is connected to a VdS-approved alarm center
  • Data security through fireproof data security safes and redundant in bank safes
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