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With your publisher, you are pursuing the mission of offering high quality media. The effectiveness and digitization of your activities and processes are becoming more and more important. This is exactly where you will find comprehensive support from the market-leading software solutions for Publishers and media houses of the GRÜN Software Group GmbH. With many thousands of users in more than 150 publishers, we are one of the market leaders in Germany and Austria.

Our solutions for publishers and media houses

Depending on the size and the required area of ​​application, we offer you suitable software solutions that are all networked with one another. In addition to our software solutions, we offer you as GRÜN Group also offer supplementary agency services and thus become a holistic strategy partner for your publishing house. We thus clearly surpass the solution portfolio of classic software companies.

publishing software GRÜN NTX

publishing software GRÜN NTX

The publishing software GRÜN NTX offers complete solutions for medium-sized and large book, magazine, specialist, music and educational publishers as well as corporate publishers. GRÜN NTX guides you flexibly and dynamically through all workflows in the value chain and optimizes the relevant business processes of your media company with a high degree of automation.

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Publishing software NTX mobil and SaaS

Software from the GRÜN Of course we also offer the NTX family as Software as a Service (NTXaaS). This enables access from the home office via the Internet, for example, and there is also access via our NTXmobile app in the Apple store. With the NTXaaS cloud solution, you benefit from the high NTX standard, while the options for individual software adaptations remain. in the certified German data center optimal data protection is guaranteed.

NTXmobile is your mobile CRM to have information from the NTX publishing software available at any time. You have access to your addresses, contacts and their activity history from anywhere. You can view current orders and always keep an eye on your appointments and tasks.

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NTX mobile: App and SaaS solution

publishing software GRÜN EDDY

The publishing software GRÜN EDDY offers complete solutions for publishers with a focus on author management. EDDY is a multi-tenant, mature, high-performance software that integrates and transparently maps your central business processes.

GRÜN EDDY - The publishing software
Agency services forPublishers and media companies

Digital brand management, publishing portals, websites

When you get to a Website relaunch or a connection between your website and ours GRÜN-Product world think, then we offer you with giftGRÜN the perfect solution.

TYPO3 icons

TYPO3 website

As a silver partner of the TYPO3 Association, we offer a powerful TYPO3 ecosystem with our project template "TYPO3 Greenlabel", which significantly accelerates development.


WordPress website

For the world's leading CMS WordPress there are a variety of ready-made modules and templates that, combined with experience, quickly lead to the goal.


Publishing houses and media houses that trust us

In the following we provide you with references from users of publishing software GRÜN NTX and GRÜN EDDY. The following references are only a small selection.

Richard Boorberg Publishing House
Federal Insurance Institution for Salaried Employees
DG Nexolution

German Sparkassenverlag
Dr. Josef Raabe Verlag GmbH
Holzmann media
wdv group

Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH
Philip Reclam Jr. Publisher Ltd
Ch. Links Publisher
Publishing group Oetinger Service GmbH
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