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Membership administration for clubs and associations

GRÜN VEWA7 belongs to Germany’s leading ERP and CRM solutions Membership management. As a core solution, the software supports clubs and associations, trade unions, parties and chambers in the complete membership administration.

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Online membership management

GRÜN eVEWA4 is the web-based member administration. As a core solution, the software supports clubs and associations, unions, parties and chambers in the complete management of members. Flexible structures make almost any contribution system possible in the standard model and support all commercial processes.

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Online membership management GRÜN eVEWA

The costs depend on many factors. This includes, for example, the number of users and the number of addresses to be managed in VEWA.

Yes, there is a demo version of the VEWA standard model for interested parties. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to give you the login data.

Yes, the member administration GRÜN VEWA can be self-hosted or from the GRÜN be operated out of the App Cloud.

Voices from successful projects

Our Project reports we will show you best practice examples of the use of our solutions for Membership management GRÜN VEWA.

Market leading membership management

GRÜN VEWA supported as a solution for member organizations Associations and clubs at the complete Membership management, including the administration of functions, committees or other distributors. VEWA offers clubs and associations, trade unions, chambers and guilds as well as other member organizations a professional solution to map practically all processes in the area of ​​member administration from one system.

In principle, any Membership types are managed in VEWA's member administration, be it active or passive members, sponsors, cooperative members, family memberships, etc. address management supports your organization in Management of your member data. These include, for example, plausibility checks when recording addresses, an innovative concept for dealing with duplicates or the use of the CRM module available in the software to record all communication relating to the member. In the VEWA member administration you can define any relationships, e.g. between family members or between organizations and their functionaries or employees. Contribution types can be freely defined in any contribution groups. The Determination of contributions If required, it takes into account both upper and lower limits and, in the case of complex contribution systems, automatically determines a contribution amount per member, e.g. on the basis of a status, a reported wage bill or, in the case of a legal entity, also on the basis of the number of employees in a company. The assignment of a contribution to the respective member is very easy and can be historized so that a member's vita can be viewed at any time. Contribution changes - e.g. in the course of a telephone increase campaign or a fundamental change in the contribution regulations - can be made to all relevant members at the push of a button. GRÜN VEWA offers functions for the automatic periodic calculation of the membership fee, including debit positions and invoicing. Depending on the payment method, Contribution invoices can be printed and sent or the membership fees are debited electronically.

Commercial processes in member administration

The member administration GRÜN VEWA supports all commercial processes in the area of ​​membership and membership fees: from generating open items and printing invoices, to payment and dunning. In the contribution system in particular, different payers can be defined, e.g. if a parent pays a child's membership fee. Incoming contribution payments can be booked manually or via the electronic account statement of your bank - including logics for writing off open items and an automated booking of overpayments as advance payment or alternatively as a donation.

Officials, boards & committees

The administration of functions, committees and committees takes place in VEWA modularly via the CRM relationship management. The solution includes processes up to and including the sending of the invitation to the next committee meeting. A functionary can simultaneously fulfill a function in VEWA's membership administration in any number of organizations. This can also be done within a structure or in a committee. A recorded person can be a member of the chief financial officer at the federal level, the data protection officer of a regional association and also the secretary of a committee. All functions are stored in a date-controlled manner, so that even historized information, in the sense of a vita, can be viewed and evaluated very easily.

Board and function holder management in VEWA

Membership Statistics

With GRÜN VEWA you have your members under control - we provide you with powerful analysis tools. Would you like to be able to answer practically every conceivable question immediately? How high is the expected premium income in the following month? How many return debits did you have when you last collected? The Business Intelligence (BIM) add-on module will answer these and other questions. Ad hoc - with a click of the mouse. In addition, permanently stored member statistics are available. The onsite data manager (ODM) allows you to store data in GRÜN Compose and output VEWA as desired. The fields displayed and their arrangement on the screen can be easily determined with the mouse.

Statistics & evaluations of members in VEWA

Clubs and associations that trust us

In the following we provide you with references that successfully support our solutions from Membership management deploy. The following references are only a small selection from around 4.000 installations.

foodwatch Germany
Income tax aid association
Kolping Society of Germany

Income tax aid association Fuldatal e. V.
Federal Association of IT SMEs V. (BITMi)

VDE Association of Electrical Engineering Electronics Information Technology eV
Malteser Hilfsdienst eV
Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club (ÖAMTC)
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