Significantly more online donations: Johanniter put on GRÜN spendino

Online donation forms from GRÜN spendino in action with the Johanniter. New Johanniter website as a central channel for online donations. Extensive customizing of donation forms. Online donation volume increased significantly within one year.

The Hospitaller take care of people who need help and closeness. They are one of the main pillars of the German rescue service, operate children's and youth facilities, hospitals, specialist and rehabilitation clinics, medical and therapeutic care centers and also hospices. The Johanniter are divided into four orders and other institutions.

GRÜN spendino as the central online donation form at

As part of a relaunch, in addition to the new design, another focus was on the integration of modern, standardized online donation forms. Of the Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe eV (JUH) as a long-standing customer of GRÜN Software Group has been the market leader for a long time Donation management GRÜN VEWA as well as GRÜN spendino as an online fundraising tool and, thanks to the consistent interface principle of the GRÜNSolutions ensure uniform and effective processing of online and offline donations. Therefore, the integration of the in-house, new Online donation forms   GRÜN spendino for the other Johanniter units on hand.

In addition to the Johanniter Accident Aid, some other Johanniter Ordenswerke and institutions use the online fundraising tools from via a framework agreement GRÜN spendino as an independent client and put their online donation form on the website to disposal. The easy scalability of GRÜN spendino makes it possible for the JUH to manage the donor and donation data in VEWA, while the religious organizations and institutions for the administration of donations and donor data do Cockpit of GRÜN spendino use.

The integration of the online donation forms on the new website has been greatly simplified for the organizations. The new website is controlled via the well-known content management system TYPO3. The online donation form from GRÜN spendino can be dynamically and flexibly integrated into TYPO3. All you have to do is enter the spendino form number and optionally an additional advertising code in TYPO3. This makes it possible for the Johanniter Competence Center GmbH (JCC) as well as the JUH and all other organizations to easily and conveniently enter or edit content and new projects.

The visual appearance of the online donation forms has been completely adapted to the new corporate design of the Johanniter website. Via the integration of an individual CSS file (design specifications for HTML pages), which is in the customer's administration area, future adjustments can also be easily implemented by the agency and the online donation forms from GRÜN spendino adapt seamlessly and optimally to the design of the website.

Of course, the thank you e-mails and the thank you page were also informed about the various options in GRÜN spendino individualized. "Depending on the donation topic, it makes a better impression if the donors are addressed personally and on a topic-related basis," explains Volker Büßgen, IT project manager at Johanniter Competence Center GmbH.

Enormous increase in online donations at Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe eV

The success of the relaunch and the new online donation forms: Compared to the same period in the previous year since the relaunch, the donation volume increased significantly in 2020. The number of donors also increased significantly in 2020 compared to the same period in the previous year. A total of around 300 donation projects were carried out by the Johanniter in the cockpit of GRÜN spendino created. Widgets were created for many donation projects that were specifically distributed on the website and lead the donor directly to the corresponding online donation form.

“The challenge with the website relaunch was to match the requirements of the individual religious organizations and organizations. With the clear focus on an optimal visitor experience, it was important to present them together with their special features in the external presentation and at the same time ensure uniform user guidance. ", Reports Volker Büßgen, IT project manager at Johanniter Competence Center GmbH. "Each association has different tasks and target groups, but they have a common mission: to support people in need." Up until a year ago, each association presented itself to the outside world independently. Now we appear on the website together - you are divided into service finder, participant and supporter. "

DZI donation seal

There are around 600.000 non-profit associations and foundations nationwide, only around 230 of which bear the DZI seal. The Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe has been one of the since 2004 DZI seal bearersso that the cost of advertising, public relations, and administration is only a small percentage.

About the Johanniter

Since it was founded on April 7, 1952, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe has developed into one of the largest aid organizations in Europe. More than 25.000 people are employed there full-time, over 40.000 volunteer. In addition, more than 1,2 million people support Johanniter as sustaining members. Her tasks include rescue and medical services, civil protection and first aid training. In addition, there are social services, work with children and young people as well as the care and care of sick and elderly people. Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe also takes care of refugees and runs numerous humanitarian aid projects around the world, for example in the event of famine or natural disasters.

"The integration of the online donation forms from GRÜN spendino in the corporate design of the Johanniter worked smoothly. "

- Volker Büßgen, IT project manager at Johanniter Competence Center GmbH

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