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With Don Bosco Mondo eV and Don Bosco Mission, two donor organizations are based on the Don Bosco Campus Bonn, which support the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Don Bosco Sisters. Both organizations look after disadvantaged children and young people in developing and emerging countries around the world. With donations and public funds, for example, they finance street children's centers in Bolivia, children's homes in India, training workshops in the Philippines or schools in Madagascar. Both organizations rely on this GRÜN VEWA as donor administration and manage 200.000 address data, over 120.000 bookings per year and to date approx. 12.000 projects.

Don Bosco

Don Bosco Mondo is a legally independent non-governmental organization. As a specialist organization, it focuses on school and vocational training, corporate cooperation and the representation of the rights of children and young people worldwide. Don Bosco Mondo works with public donors, foundations, companies, associations and private initiatives.

Don Bosco Mission Bonn is directly subordinate to the Order of the Salesians of Don Bosco as a branch in Germany. Don Bosco Mission focuses particularly on young people and street children at risk and cooperates with Catholic aid organizations and private donors.

Worldwide, both organizations together support around 600 projects of the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Don Bosco Sisters for young people every year. In educational programs, apprenticeships and street children's centers, both work on site with the young people affected.

starting position

Don Bosco Mondo and Don Bosco Mission Bonn have been managing their donor data, donation bookings and project data as jointly responsible persons in a central database since 1994. The first system was successively further developed and adapted on the basis of Microsoft Access over 20 years by two employees. The approx. 80 employees in both organizations were used to a tailor-made system in which over 200.000 address data, over 120.000 bookings per year and around 12.000 completed and ongoing projects were managed. In the meantime, however, the requirements for a modern database system exceed the technical possibilities of in-house development. The operational safety of the system was also endangered in the long term due to the dependency on individual employees, so the search for a new donor administration was started.

After researching the market, the decision was made to introduce the industry software GRÜN VEWA as central software in both Bonn organizations. The address and project master are used together, the accounting is separated for legal reasons.

Fundraising and donation accounting

Don Bosco Mondo and Don Bosco Mission Bonn set GRÜN VEWA as jointly responsible for the central donor administration. Although there are two separate organizations, there is no hard tenant separation within the software. All data on donors and interested parties from both organizations are managed centrally. The project partners, i.e. the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Don Bosco sisters on site and all church and private cooperation partners, are also centrally managed GRÜN VEWA managed. The data is marked with a simple, internal label and can thus be assigned to one of the two organizations.

The great advantage for both organizations is that such a duplicate check and duplicate merging in VEWA is used intensively by both sides for fundraising and donation accounting. In addition, VEWA manages all fundraising and marketing measures. For this purpose, for example, selection of address data for fundraising activities is exported or extensive statistical evaluations are carried out to analyze fundraising activities.

In one area, both organizations work independently in VEWA: In financial accounting, for legal reasons, it is necessary to work with their own accounting tables and accounts in order to be able to create their own donation receipts, for example.

VEWA's donation accounting is used as sub-accounting in both organizations. VEWA is used to automatically control donation thanks and donation confirmations. Two foundations supervised by Don Bosco Mission, which are also managed via the system, have been set up as additional secondary clients for the donation accounting.

Flexible donor management for individual fundraising

Thanks to the flexible donor management in GRÜN VEWA enables Don Bosco Mondo and Don Bosco Mission Bonn to expand all donor data extensively and to use this for targeted fundraising measures. In order to expand the donor master data, the relationship comes from GRÜN VEWA in action. Donor addresses are linked to one another, for example, in order to map family or organizational structures. Appreciation days such as birthdays and name days as well as marriage and service anniversaries are also mapped using the relationship system. Thanks to the detailed donor data, it is also possible to control how many mailings a donor receives or whether they should be sent with or without a personal signature, for example. Additional shipping materials can also be individually assigned to the donors via the relationship system.

Project management

The joint project department of Don Bosco Mondo and Don Bosco Mission Bonn mediates between applicants and institutional donors. In addition to the project master data, VEWA therefore maps both the application system and the acquisition of project funds. The advantage of the integrated system is that all project participants, including the project funds booked in the system, are linked via the address management.

voluntary service

Don Bosco Mission Bonn sends around 50 young people annually on a year-long international voluntary service outside of Europe. The administration of the so-called Don Bosco Volunteers, the keeping of the necessary documents, the preparation of certificates and the maintenance of contact with the alumni is over GRÜN VEWA managed.

"GRÜN VEWA offers an elaborate standard in the area of ​​CRM, fundraising and donation accounting and is flexible enough to be able to map further work processes. We have exchanged the customized in-house development for a customized standard solution and are working very successfully in the new system. We are not yet at the end of our development because we are together with GRÜN will enable an online connection for the project partners to the system. "

- Rudiger Count
IT Project Manager at Don Bosco Mondo

Rudiger Count
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