Project management at GRÜN Software AG

Software introduction

The Software In most cases, the introduction takes place via agile project management. Optionally, the software can also be implemented for you via classic project management.

Agile project management in software introduction

Our software solutions are usually implemented using agile project management.

The agile process aims to reduce the pure planning stage to a minimum and to arrive at executable software as early as possible in the integration stage, which can then be presented to the customer at regular, short intervals for joint coordination and continued with them.

In this way, we always have the opportunity to respond flexibly to customer requests in order to increase customer satisfaction overall. In this way, smaller individual additional requirements of the customer can still be integrated "agilely" in the course of the integration stage.

Classic project management in software introduction

In classic project management, the software is introduced in three stages.

1st planning stage with the following elements:
  • Workshop with the customer on site through the consulting of GRÜN Software Group
  • Creation of the specification sheet by the GRÜN
  • Review and approval of the specifications with the customer
2. Integration level with the following elements
  • Customizing the facilities in different phases GRÜN
  • Delivery, installation of the equipment in various phases including initial training for key personnel GRÜN
  • Test of the delivered equipment in different phases by customers
  • Final work before the planned software launch goes live
  • Optional: training of end users
3rd stage of operation with the following elements
  • Software maintenance and support by the GRÜN Software Group
  • Operation of the software in the event that the GRÜN App Cloud
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