GRÜN mVEWA - The native app for working with GRÜN VEWA.

Donors advertise with the native GRÜN mVEWA app

GRÜN mVEWA is the native app for Donation organizations and enables you to work with GRÜN VEWA on the go. The app also enables industry-specific functions to be mapped and the most important key figures for donation management to be viewed.

Working with VEWA on the go

If a new donor has been won, the fundraiser enters the donor data easily and conveniently on the smartphone or tablet. A new donor record is automatically created and linked to a donation commitment. If the donor also gives permission to withdraw the amount from their account, the bank details can be recorded via the app and the donor digitally signs the direct debit confirmation. Of course, you can also use the app to map the classic route and, for example, connect the donation confirmation to a WiFi printer and have the donation confirmation printed out and signed.

Donation pledges are displayed as a summary after the data has been entered. From there, the donation confirmation ends up in the intermediate table of Donation management of GRÜN VEWA7 and can then be further processed in the back office. Here, for example, the collection of the donation amount, the thank you and the acknowledgment would be initiated.

The advantage of the app: All data is saved on the mobile device and is therefore also available offline.

Customer Platform for customers  and interested persons

Customer platform we offer all customers and interested parties free access to exclusive Video Tutorials and Product innovations on. In short videos with audio, we show you the functions of our software solutions. The documentation, Best Cast examples and software versions can also be accessed here. The customer platform also serves as a ticket system for VEWA customers.

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