3.000 employees throughout Bavaria help manage around 1 million members GRÜN VEWA

The Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) is the largest aid organization and one of the most important charities in Bavaria. In accordance with its principles, the BRK is active across the board in many areas for the common good. Around 1 million volunteers and sponsoring members work for and with the BRK. Almost all of this member data is used by around 3.000 users in the GRÜN VEWA software family managed.

About the Bavarian Red Cross

The Bavarian Red Cross is a major employer and employs around 23.000 people in many areas. After the voluntary activities in disaster control, youth work and education, the areas of care and social affairs as well as rescue services are the most important fields of activity. Divided into 5 district associations with a total of 73 district associations, the decentralized administration of the members in the structures takes place on a central database in the regional office in Munich.

starting position

Around 1 million sponsoring members and volunteers support the BRK. More than 175.000 voluntary helpers are actively involved in the stand-by, the youth red cross, the water rescue service, welfare and social work and the mountain rescue service.

All voluntary helpers are trained and equipped individually and according to their range of activities. A water rescuer has a different requirement profile than a paramedic or an instructor for general training in first aid. The data of the volunteer helpers have so far been maintained in manually created Excel lists. There was also a lot of effort involved in data maintenance within the 73 district associations.

In order to solve this problem, software had to be used with which all members of the BRK can be managed centrally from the regional office, but also decentrally by the district associations. Here the BRK decided to use the GRÜN VEWA software family.

Central data maintenance in GRÜN VEWA

The personal data of all volunteers are stored centrally in GRÜN VEWA saved. Via the online member administration GRÜN eVEWA3 these can be maintained by the volunteer at the same time. For example, if a volunteer has acquired additional functions and qualifications, the data record can be easily and conveniently accessed and updated using an internet-compatible device.

Changes to records are the rule. Due to the diverse range of tasks, over 40.000 functions and 225.000 different qualifications and associated documents have now been stored in VEWA. GRÜN eVEWA also makes it possible to add new volunteers. Personal information such as name, qualification and function can be saved in eVEWA alongside a picture. Exports for the creation of ID cards or the debiting of contributions are made in the district associations. The Excel lists from earlier times have been transferred to a central database. Today more than 3.000 VEWA / eVEWA users work with a central database and bring the data up to date, which has significantly increased the data quality. At the same time, there is comprehensive duplicate management.

Supporting member administration

The special thing about the BRK: If a member is active in several district associations, each district association can pay the respective membership fee in GRÜN Store VEWA. There is only one member data record in VEWA for each member.

The debiting of the subsidies and the redistribution to the district associations take place centrally via VEWA in the regional office. It is also possible to create donation receipts centrally as a bulk export via VEWA. This is more effective than sending it individually to each district association and thus saves resources.

The district associations determine which supporting members should receive a donation certificate. In addition, the district associations have the option - if required - of creating and sending individual donation receipts.

Comprehensive evaluations

The BRK created over GRÜN VEWA the internal annual statistics. The regional office groups the master data of all members socio-demographically according to age and gender. These data are evaluated in a communication workflow between regional and district associations.

In addition, the district associations can store their respective performance data via eVEWA. For example, the times that a district association has provided for the care service, information and communication, fundraising, emergency care or refugee aid are recorded for the statistics via eVEWA. The software summarizes the statistics via eVEWA to form annual statistics. Thanks to an extensive rights system in VEWA, the district associations and the associated district associations can only see the information of the annual statistics that is relevant to them.

Honors for Honored Members

Earned members receive a thank you certificate every five years. In addition, members who have been active at the BRK for 25 or 40 years, for example, are awarded a state medal by the ministry. This list of suggestions for honors is created by VEWA.

"We sit GRÜN VEWA has been a successful central member administration for several years. The central member database saves queries from the district associations, as the data is stored centrally. Thanks to the home GRÜN With the solutions developed, we were able to replace the decentralized and expensive data with a central database. "

- Elisabeth Koschischek,

Elisabeth Koschischek,
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