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The GRÜN Software Media GmbH is a leading provider of industry software for Publishers and media houses. The company operates in the GRÜN Software Group as a platform for digitization solutions for this target group.

The GRÜN Software Medien GmbH offers market-leading solutions for publishers and bookstores.


The GRÜN Software Media GmbH, with locations in Endingen and Berlin, is a leading provider of industry software for publishers and media houses. The group of companies with 45 employees has been developing and selling software solutions for over 30 years GRÜN NTX, GRÜN EDDY, GRÜN book hit and GRÜN itex. The software solutions are used by many thousands of users in over 150 publishers.

As part of its future strategy, the company is increasingly developing comprehensive digitization solutions for publishers and media houses, consisting of consulting, software and agency solutions.

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NTX as a service

We create space for you

Our service relieves you of all technical questions, but also of services such as B. the seasonal data collection. We always take care of a smooth process and ensure that you can focus entirely on your core competencies. Our specialists from the various specialist areas are at your disposal - from hardware to databases, from networks to cloud solutions and from process communication to enterprise application integration.

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The GRÜN Software Medien GmbH is based at Karl-Winterhalter-Straße 4 in Endingen a. K

Tel: + 49 7642 920260

Karl-Winterhalter-Strasse 4
79346 Endingen a. K

Managing directors:
Rainer Heckman
District Court Freiburg, HRB 4778
Tax ID number: DE 166800018


Publishing houses and media houses that trust us

Below we provide you with references from users of specialized standard software solutions from GRÜN Software Media GmbH. The following references are only a small selection.

Bärenreiter Publishing House
Richard Boorberg Publishing House
Federal Insurance Institution for Salaried Employees
DG Nexolution

German Sparkassenverlag
Dr. Josef Raabe Verlag GmbH
Holzmann media
wdv group
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