ERP industry software TeamServ

ERP industry software TeamServ

The ERP industry software TeamServ is the integrated software for medium-sized trading company. TeamServ includes a merchandise management system for wholesale, retail and internet trading, audit-proof financial accounting and many other modules such as a document management system (DMS). Our software is particularly suitable for building materials and catering wholesalers.

Via the ERP industry software TeamServ

By separating business logic and user interfaces, the software architecture already meets the dynamic requirements of tomorrow today. TeamServ has interchangeable user interfaces from text-based to web-based, depending on the requirements in retail. It is based on client-server technology and the Progress relational database. TeamServ optimizes the business processes of your trading company through independence and integration of all sub-modules. The merchandise management is characterized by special functionalities for medium-sized trading companies. TeamServ is freely scalable and can be adapted to your processes.

Merchandise management and financial accounting (ERP)

Our TeamServ ERP system integrates a merchandise management system with audit-proof financial accounting. The merchandise management specializes in the requirements of medium-sized trading companies.

  • Representation of different types of retail operations (wholesale, retail)
  • Automated invoice verification in networked accounting systems
  • Transparent mapping of complex commission or third-party delivery processes
  • Archiving solution taking legal aspects into account

Document Management (DMS)

TeamServ archive is a document management system (DMS) for the audit-proof long-term archiving of electronic, business-relevant information. It is in the merchandise management system as well as the TeamServ financial accounting© integrated.

  • Database base Microsoft SQL Server
  • Integration into the TeamServ ERP application© Inventory management and financial accounting
  • Web-based research and archiving client
  • Barcode recognition


TeamServ eCommerce integrates shop and online information systems in one application. All processes are online, as all data is available in real time without redundancy. Price list and offer maintenance, as well as surgery bookings etc. have a direct effect in the shop.

  • Identical database with TeamServ® merchandise management and financial accounting (no data redundancy)
  • Article research takes place in the current article master, the delivery history or current offers and orders
  • stock information
  • Order tracking

Data Warehouse (BI)

TeamServ Data Warehouse allows access to the statistical data for the purpose of generating condensed evaluations for further processing with business intelligence solutions.

Cash register solution (POS)

We know the industry and have developed a cash register system over the years that meets the requirements of medium-sized retailers. Depending on the requirements, cash register systems with characters or graphical interfaces are used. The Software-as-a-Service license always ensures the latest version.

  • Network-independent cash register module, cash-ready even if the server, the network or the data transmission line fails, ideal for branch cash registers.
  • Inventory synchronization takes place automatically when connected to the network
  • TeamServ® WWS-Server also serves as a central data server for the cash register. The cash register receives the current price list and, in return, transfers the receipts created.

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