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The GRÜN New Business Lab is the laboratory for new business models GRÜN Software Group.

GRÜN Business lab

Laboratory for new business models GRÜN Business lab

Im GRÜN New Business Lab Our business development and research activities are bundled together. We want to continue to develop market-leading digitization solutions for niches and at the same time be a strategic digitization partner for our customers. Standing still is the enemy of our success, im GRÜN Business Lab is precisely about using new ideas and business models to prevent standstill and further developing our group of companies.

New Business Lab

In the New Business Lab area, we are looking for majority stakes in existing digital companies, carry out pilot projects for new digital products or support start-ups and start-ups. Our goal is always ours GRÜN Digital portfolio to expand further solutions and industries.

With the investments in existing companies from the mergers & acquisitions activities, our family of GRÜN Software group of companies continuously. In pilot projects, we work with customers to develop new digitization solutions that we believe will have market opportunities. We also support new business ideas and startups as an incubator, be it as a consultant, business angel, investor or through cooperation also regionally GRÜN Software HUB in Aachen.

Research lab

In the research lab we actively shape the world of tomorrow from the perspective of a medium-sized software company. We initiate and support funding projects from the state, federal government and the EU. Research creates impulses for our solutions of tomorrow. This is how we ensure the sustainability of our research results.

Craftsman cloud

The Craftsman Cloud project would like to make modern cloud systems accessible to businesses in the craft sector. This clientele in particular benefits enormously from an easily usable, centrally administrable and demand-oriented IT infrastructure.

At the same time, however, the access barrier in this area is many times higher than, for example, in larger companies, since there are usually no IT resources of their own. In addition, the IT service providers in charge are often small businesses themselves, so that cloud know-how is rarely available here too.

The project sees the solution in a largely automated cloud out of the box concept as well as an infrastructure consisting of a platform and a specialist application store, which is to be developed and implemented as a prototype.

Funding initiative:

Central innovation program for SMEs

Project consortium

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Clausthal University of Technology

eStep SMEs

The aim of the eStep Mittelstand project is to create greater investment security for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and to significantly reduce the implementation costs of eBusiness standards.
SMEs should be enabled not only to better assess the complexity of eBusiness projects, but also to realistically assess the risks associated with the introduction of standards, such as the need for investment and the use of know-how.

Companies also receive a continuous tool-based analysis and benchmarking option with regard to their eBusiness maturity level and the selection of a suitable standard. When implementing this standard introduction by its own IT service provider, the eStep Mittelstand project offers recommendations for action based on its own DIN SPEC as well as a multifunctional platform for format transformation, enrichment and communication between the various process partners.

Project consortium

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The market for mobile business software shows a high degree of innovation and rapid growth in view of the rapidly increasing importance of mobile business. To be successful in this market, mobile business software has to meet special usability requirements. This poses a problem especially for small and medium-sized companies: Neither the currently used software engineering methods nor current usability engineering approaches are suitable for the implementation of usable mobile solutions from small and medium-sized companies for small and medium-sized companies. In addition, there is no integration of these methods or simple process models for small and medium-sized software manufacturers.

Against this background, the KompUEterchen4KMU project is intended to set up a competence center in the area of ​​usability engineering specifically for mobile business software. In the future, methodological competence will be bundled in this facility and corresponding services will be offered for manufacturers of mobile business software. The KompUEterchen4KMU project aims to convey usability engineering know-how to small and medium-sized manufacturers of mobile business software. This strengthens medium-sized manufacturers and the marketing of user-friendly products in competition.

Project consortium

Federal Association IT Mittelstand eV
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The Euregio Rhine-Maas makes mobile for founders! A total of eight so-called incubators, organizations that support innovative people in the creation of a product or in setting up a company, will come together as part of the EMR START-UP project and form an incubation network within the Euregio Rhine-Maas (Netherlands, Belgium & Germany). The GRÜN Software Group forms with her GRÜN Software HUB in Aachen is the German network node in this network. Through the adaptation, professionalization and intensive cooperation of all incubators, the innovative strength and business start-ups are to be promoted within the Euregio and thus also the global recognition of the region.

Each of the eight incubators or accelerators has a specific thematic focus (such as high tech, software, clean tech, etc.) and has a unique regional context. Due to this diversity, the participating founders can be offered a wide range of workshops, network events, user groups, investors and partners within the network. The founders get access to all 8 incubators and are generally supported in their innovation process with business-promoting contacts, resources, knowledge or input.

The euregional character of the program facilitates an early internationalization, which helps the founders to validate their products and services in other regions and to achieve a certain international standard in the business model, but also in the business plan. This makes it easier to find suitable partners or investors to market an innovative, sustainable and profitable business model.

The project is funded by the EU institution INTERREG, which promotes regional funding and cooperation between EU countries, as well as the Belgian region of Wallonia and the Dutch province of North Brabant. All findings and best practices that are developed and optimized within the program are processed and then published in a draft for other incubators and accelerators in the EU.


Project consortium

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