Become a fundraising superhero: GRÜN spendino is the perfect fundraising software for NPOs.

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Simply collect online donations. Become a fundraising superhero with the online fundraising tools from GRÜN spendino.

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Collect donations online with theGRÜN spendino online fundraising tools

Simply collect online donations: GRÜN spendino offers donation organizations Online donation forms, SMS donation tools und mit spendinos donation world a native donation app for iOS and Android.

Online donation form GRÜN spendino

Online donation form

Your own with just a few clicks Online donation form created. The online fundraising tools from GRÜN spendino provide you with four different donation forms to choose from. Create an online donation form in a few steps and without any programming knowledge. Your donors can donate via SEPA direct debit, instant transfer, credit card or PayPal.

GRÜN spendino offers various packages to choose from for the use of the online donation forms. The best: The Packages and prices are based on the donation volume of your organization.

Online donation form

SMS donations

SMS donations collect with GRÜN spendino: We reserve your desired keyword, which your donors send to 81190 via SMS. A previously determined donation amount between 1 and 10 euros will be deducted from the donor's mobile phone bill and automatically credited to the donation organization.

Im SMS start package a desired keyword is included. Of course, you can optionally book additional keywords for your SMS fundraising activities.

SMS donations
Collect SMS donations with GRÜN spendino
The new, free app for donors: GRÜN spendinos donation world.

The app for donors: spendinos Spendenwelt

Finally donate quickly and easily on the go: the smartphone app spendinos donation world lists around 200 donation organizations sorted into twelve fundraising categories. The app is available for free for iOS and Android.


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Collect donations successfully online with GRÜN spendino

Packages and prices of ourOnline fundraising tools

GRÜN spendino offers for the use of Online donation forms of the SMS donation tools different packages to choose from. Our package prices are dynamically linked to your donation success.


Video tutorial: GRÜN spendino in a nutshell

A first look at the cockpit of the online fundraising tools from GRÜN spendino.


Non-Profit Organizations That Trust Us

Below we provide you with references from users of our online fundraising tools. The following references are only a small selection.

Foundation for the Preservation of Church Monuments in Germany

Good aiderbichl
Pharmacists Without Borders Germany eV

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Our fundraising and technology experts are always at your disposal. We would be happy to show you our solutions in an online demo or give you fundraising tips. We look forward to your non-binding contact request.

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Online donation form

More donations! Less work: with the GRÜN spendino Online donation form in the human body and facts about the SMS donation tools Offer your donors the easiest and most convenient way to help collect donations online: no unnecessary clicks, no redirects to other websites, just a few steps to donate.

Online fundraising is understood to mean all measures of non-profit organizations, parties and associations with the aim of collecting online donations using donation forms on the Internet. Fundrasing tools are primarily used to reach donors under 55.

The advantages of fundraising are the widespread use of the internet, which means that almost all population groups can be reached. In addition, donations that are higher on average are made online using donation forms. Convince yourself and test our online donation forms for free.

Software for donation organizations

GRÜN spendino is a smart enterprise of GRÜN Software Group GmbH and a leading technology company in digital donor communications. As a service company for the non-profit sector GRÜN spendino also handles online donations Online donation forms, SMS donations and online fundraising.

Positioned there GRÜN spendino is a neutral partner for non-profit organizations and for Donation organizations. In combination with online donation solutions and tools, spendino offers an innovative fundraising tool.

Whether on the Internet with online donation forms via smartphone or SMS donations, GRÜN spendino is the right partner when it comes to digital fundraising and donation forms.

Collect donations online

The Internet offers the possibility of being able to reach people at any time, regardless of time and place. Smaller organizations and associations can also take advantage of this to draw attention to their donation request online and thus attract future donors through targeted donation campaigns. The intended donation should then be collected as soon as possible, before it is forgotten again in today's hectic times.

The right donation software and the right donation form, which supports organizations and associations in the technical implementation of online donations, can be particularly helpful. With GRÜN spendino, we provide organizations and associations with the perfect tools and donation tools. With the GRÜN spendino online donation tool, the necessary technical prerequisites have been created so that your organization or association can also collect donations online. With online donation forms, which can be integrated into your own donation page, for example, you save people from having to process donations in paper format, which is sometimes perceived as time-consuming and annoying today.

Non-profit organizations and other institutions can also benefit from the fundraising tools via the Internet and start a donation campaign. With mobile fundraising or with email marketing from GRÜN spendino we offer you perfect donation tools, the handling of a donation campaign is very easy here. All the willing donors have to do is fill out the appropriate online donation form. Creating an online form at GRÜN spendino takes less than 5 minutes. It is also possible to create a donation button or an SMS donation.

The online donation software for your donation projects

The online donation tool can be used without any problems so that even people who are less tech-savvy can donate quickly and easily. This is particularly important from the point of view that the normal Internet user is exposed to a large amount of information these days. Therefore, an online donation should be implemented as quickly as possible in the interest of the recipient, otherwise it is often not made. An easy-to-use and clear donation form, as provided by our online donation tool, can be helpful in making the intended donation actually a reality.

This can be done especially when the necessary change is still missing for an important project GRÜN spendino fundraising tool can support you in running donation campaigns. In this way you can concentrate on your actual project and the persuasion work without having to plan a lot of time for the technical implementation of your appeal for donations. Our fundraising tool is therefore the ideal partner by your side to collect the money you have made available online, quickly, easily and simply.

Use the large audience that the Internet gives you almost free of charge to win over people for your cause. In this way, projects that seem difficult to achieve at the moment may become reality. Give people the opportunity to trust you and your club or organization and fill out the appropriate donation form. You may soon be surprised how positive the fundraising tool can be for the capital available for small or medium-sized projects. Our clear donor management shows you all donors at a glance.