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Online donation form GRÜN spendino

Donation form

With just a few clicks you can easily and conveniently create your own Donation form for your website. The Online fundraising tool by GRÜN spendino provides four different donation forms to choose from. Create an online donation form in just a few steps and without any programming knowledge. Your donors can donate via SEPA direct debit, instant transfer, credit card or PayPal.

GRÜN spendino offers various options for using the online donation forms Fogo Sagrado Packages to select.

Donation form


Our GRÜN Digital fundraising Stories we show you best practice examples of our online fundraising tools from GRÜN spendino. The References represent only a selection of our 200 customers. If you want to know more, we look forward to your non-binding Contact.

SMS donations

Our online fundraising tools also include SMS donations: We reserve your desired SMS keyword, which your donors send to 81190 via SMS on their smartphone. A predetermined donation amount between 1 and 10 euros is deducted from the donor's mobile phone bill and automatically credited to the donation organization.

Im SMS start package a desired keyword is included. Of course, you can optionally book additional keywords for your SMS fundraising activities.

SMS donations
Collect SMS donations with GRÜN spendino
The new, free app for donors: GRÜN spendinos donation world.

The app for donors: spendinos Spendenwelt

Finally donate quickly and easily on the go: the smartphone app spendinos donation world lists around 200 donation organizations sorted into twelve fundraising categories. The app is available for free for iOS  and Android.


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Video tutorial: GRÜN spendino in a nutshell

A first look at the cockpit of the online fundraising tools from GRÜN spendino.


Non-Profit Organizations That Trust Us

Below we provide you with references from users of our online fundraising tools. The following references represent only a small selection of customers who use our online donation form or the SMS donation tools.

Peace Village International
Foundation for the Preservation of Church Monuments in Germany

The Johanniter Accident Assistance
LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e. V
Pharmacists Without Borders Germany eV

SCM Bundes-Verlag gGmbH
Cap Anamur has been active in war and crisis zones, after natural disasters and in various emergency situations for over 40 years.

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Online fundraising

Online fundraising has become more and more popular in recent years. The digital natives, which also include older donors, are approached via the Internet, which is why collecting donations online has proven to be extremely efficient.

The benefits of online fundraising are relevant both to the non-profit organizations and to the donors themselves. The advantages of using online donation tools are, on the one hand, the uncomplicated and inexpensive communication channels, but also the target group-oriented fundraising. In addition, the potential reach of the organization can be increased enormously through online fundraising.

However, one of the most significant benefits of collecting online donations is the ease with which donors can pay. They no longer have to fill out a transfer slip, but can donate a corresponding amount with just a few clicks via PayPal, direct debit or credit card.

In order to really take full advantage of online donation tools, companies and organizations should not limit themselves to just one channel. The big advantage of the internet is the fast and uncomplicated networking and that is exactly what should be used when collecting donations. It is therefore essential to use multiple channels to address and contact even more people.

Online fundraising with GRÜN spendino

There are opportunities for online donations

There are a number of options available to non-profit organizations who want to collect donations online. It is advisable to use different channels on the Internet so that enough online donations can be collected. It is also important to note that the different channels each have their own advantages.

Fundraising through email and newsletters

E-mail and newsletter fundraising are also an unbeatable weapon when it comes to online fundraising. Both can be used to acquire new donors or to reactivate donors. E-mails are one of the most efficient and cost-effective tools for online fundraising.

An example of use is an integrated donation button, which is implemented as standard in all emails from the respective company. This now refers to the respective online donation form. If the donor is already known, the payment details can simply be stored and the donation can be carried out with just one click of the mouse.

A big advantage of this method is the many possibilities in terms of personalization. Every donation organization can design its donation button as it wishes and implement various additional functions.

Harness the power of social media

Another possibility in online fundraising that no organization can avoid is the use of social media. Whether Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram, there are different target groups on all platforms that can be addressed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

If you as a non-profit organization would like to refer to your online donation form, you can do this just as quickly and easily as with email marketing. The first thing to do here is to differentiate which target group should be addressed. This decision is of great importance when choosing the respective platform. On portals such as Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram, younger people are more likely to be found, so if this is the right target group, then it is worth using these channels. This can of course also happen if this is not the case, but otherwise the corresponding efficiency cannot be guaranteed.

The Facebook platform, on the other hand, is suitable for almost all target groups. There are also various ways to draw attention to yourself and your online donation form. Depending on what you are willing to spend, contributions can be sponsored or advertisements placed on the platform. These are then suggested to users who might be interested in the respective topic of the organization. In this way, many new donors can be approached within a very short time and the efficiency can be increased significantly.

But social media is not only suitable for advertising purposes and for acquiring new donors. When it comes to online fundraising, transparency is of great importance. The donors want to know what is happening with their money and whether it will get where the organization has announced it. Unfortunately, it has happened far too often in the past that donations were misappropriated or otherwise misused.

On the other hand, companies and organizations can use social media to present exactly what is happening with the donations. Here, the work on new projects that were financed by online donations can be followed closely in various contributions. The social media channels are therefore ideally suited to increasing and improving your own transparency and the trust of donors.

This is actually a win / win situation. Because of the good transparency and the many contributions, the organization can also receive positive advertising, which causes little or no costs. In the end, it can be said that working on social media is extremely important in order to promote your own projects and to ensure the transparency of them.

Create your own website

Presence is of the utmost importance not only via e-mails or on social media; your own website must also not be missing. Anyone who as an organization would like to advertise and carry out their online donation project professionally needs an equally professional website, which is not limited to a Facebook company page.

Your own website should of course primarily contain all the important information about the project and the organization. Contact details and a proper imprint should also be taken for granted. This is the only way to carry out and guarantee a successful online donation campaign.

A donation button, which automatically refers to the corresponding online donation form, can then be integrated on the website, just like with e-mail marketing. However, there are still several ways to implement various donation tools on your own homepage.

For example, information on functions such as donating via SMS or other tools can be inserted on the website. As with the appearance on social media, various information about ongoing projects and other announcements can be announced. Your own website is therefore just as suitable for the corresponding transparency as the social media channels.

Collecting donations online is the future

The steadily advancing digitization quickly makes it clear that online fundraising is the future and that donors can be reached easily and conveniently online. The advantages speak for themselves and make this form of online fundraising indispensable.

Collecting donations via the Internet is becoming an efficient tool, especially because people are networked around the world. The various options offer every company the right method to take advantage of this opportunity. If necessary, organizations can of course seek advice from appropriate agencies and have them carry out various tasks. Although this is associated with some costs, companies are guaranteed a highly professional service and the collection of donations via digital fundraising is always successful.

Reach donors through online fundraising