Donation management GRÜN VEWA

Donation management

GRÜN VEWA7 is the core solution of our market-leading Donation management. GRÜN VEWA optimizes your fundraising activities and donation projects and at the same time serves as your organization's central ERP and CRM system.

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Online donation management

GRÜN eVEWA4 is the Online donation management. As a core solution, the software supports all donation-collecting NPOs, such as relief organizations, foundations and associations, with the complete donation management including CRM and fundraising.

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Online donation management GRÜN eVEWA


The costs depend on many factors. This includes, for example, the number of users and the number of addresses to be managed in VEWA.

Yes, there is a demo version of the VEWA standard model for interested parties. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to give you the login data.

Yes, VEWA can be hosted by the customer itself or from the GRÜN be operated out of the App Cloud.

Market leading donation management

The software family GRÜN VEWA is the core solution of our market leading Donation management. GRÜN VEWA optimizes that Fundraising and the donation projects in your Donation organization and at the same time serves as the central ERP and CRM system of your organization.

Management of donors

Your donors can have all the information in GRÜN VEWA managed. There are no restrictions due to the flexibility of the system. Your donor's network of relationships in GRÜN VEWA can be mapped easily and conveniently: whether family, employee, functionary or VIP. You always have an eye on all relationships. All information and key figures are available compactly at a glance when looking at individual donors. GRÜN VEWA gives you the answer to your questions and supports you optimally in the creation of the donor pools. Functions for address enrichment and for improving the address quality with reference databases, as well as an innovative concept for dealing with duplicates complete the performance in the area of ​​address and donor management.

VEWA donation management

Donation accounting & payment transactions

Get your single donors, permanent donors and direct debit donors with VEWA Donation accounting even better under control, and above all: save time! Incoming donation payments can be entered manually or read in using your bank's electronic account statement and automatically processed. The integrated donor recognition differentiates donations received from the house list or from external lists. Any partial character strings can be interpreted in the multipurpose field of the transfer form in order to then suggest the action or the promotional code. Incoming donations from new donors can also be processed automatically. Various research and enrichment methods are available for incomplete donor addresses. Furthermore, a flexible direct debit collection of donation commitments is possible.

VEWA donation accounting

Donation receipt & thank you

The donation management GRÜN VEWA supports you in the automated creation of individual and collective donation confirmations as well as donation confirmations in kind. In addition to the first issue of confirmations, copies and second issues can of course also be created easily and conveniently. The thank you can be action-related, rolling or individual - e.g. in the large donor care. For this purpose, freely designable templates can be made GRÜN VEWA, or alternatively also from MS Word. In addition, functionalities for quality assurance, e.g. with checklists for confirmation and thanks are available.

Existing processes can be viewed and edited using the Process Automation Manager.

Manage fundraising campaigns

In the campaign management of the donation administration VEWA, selections according to donor classifications, scoring values ​​or relationship management are used for a targeted approach. The donor management with free address structure and via GRÜN eVEWA's expandable donor portal on the Internet leaves nothing to be desired. Your donors can change their address themselves and receive individual feedback on their project. In addition to the internet donation, incoming donations are also automatically booked via electronic account statements or direct debit; Business Intelligence, RFM, Pareto or Lifetime Value analyzes enable comprehensive evaluations. Functions for legacies, fines and endowments round off the performance.

VEWA donation management

GRÜN VEWA supports you optimally in the planning and implementation of your campaigns and donation drives. In this way, you can plan your measures - hot and cold mailings, online campaigns, stand or telephone advertising, etc. - in a multi-stage process and link them to the group of recipients of your mailing at the push of a button. When assigning address pools to a mailing, plan and actual values ​​can be taken into account - you simply control the success of your measures. VEWA donation management supports you in achieving the best possible result. To determine the potential donor pool, use VEWA's integrated selection system with many new and innovative features and functions.


In addition to the classic processes in fundraising, the VEWA donation administration also supports all conceivable processes in this area, including the administration of the courts, the penitent himself and the relevant people involved in the process (contact person in court, lawyers, etc.) with the additional module fines. The fine itself can be paid once, but can also follow an individually agreed payment plan. Maintain an overview - the entire data situation including correspondence (opening letter, dunning to the penitent or the court, etc.) is automated from VEWA and is available to you at any time.

Inheritance management

Likewise, processes in inheritance management (legacies), endowments as well as the management of collections and special-occasion donations are supported by our fundraising solution.


Non-Profit Organizations That Trust Us

In the following we provide you with references from users who use our solutions for Donation management deploy. The following references are only a small selection.

German Children's Aid Association

Wikimedia Germany - Society for the Promotion of Free Knowledge e. V.
Malteser Hilfsdienst eV
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