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Time tracking software

Time tracking software made in Germany: With GRÜN ZICOM5 As a core solution, working time models with personnel and plan attendance and booking data of all employees are recorded and processed.

High flexibility through customizing and parameterization

The high flexibility of the system allows customizing and parameterization to cover almost every requirement from the standard - whether TVöD or flexible tariffs, 24-hour operation or shift operation or special regulations for public holidays and special days. The high flexibility is also evident in the daily use of GRÜN ZICOM away. Any bonus, overtime or absence accounts can be managed for employees. The planning assistant also enables the graphic planning of, for example, vacation absences of several employees. The scope of services is rounded off by around 100 evaluations and the integrated print manager.

The app for time tracking: GRÜN mZICOM

Recording working times in accordance with the law

Employers have been since September 13, 2022 according to the judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) obliged to record and document the time of the employees. In connection with the ECJ judgment of 2019, it is clear that recording must be "objective, reliable and accessible". with GRÜN ZICOM offers the GRÜN Software Group a solution for legally compliant time recording.

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Manage time management online: GRÜN eZICOM5

Internet-based add-on module GRÜN eZICOM5

Via the internet-based additional module GRÜN eZICOM5 Web workflow can be used as internet-based management processes for time management via a browser Online time recording be performed. There is the possibility of time recording via browser as well as viewing an online presence panel.

More about eZICOM

Professional software for time management

Free customizing of working time models

Various planning calendars, including future data planning

Interfaces to terminals (Datafox, PCS, etc.)

Interfaces to payroll accounting

Simple data comparison for offline bookings

Backward corrections over any time period

Around 100 evaluations, lists with export to Excel, Word, PDF

The most important functions of the software for time recording

Of course she should Time recording at best function solely on a basis of trust and the introduction of a program that takes over the recording of the time should also not be conveyed as a control. After all, the employees also benefit if their working hours and overtime can be recorded correctly.

Above all, however, it is the state requirements that make recording the working hours so important today: With the introduction of new laws in 2015 at the latest, it is important for correct accounting at the tax office, pension insurance and health insurance company that it can be seen which employee worked how many hours in the company The GRÜN Software Group offers with the software GRÜN ZICOM5 therefore offers the following functions, which should make everyday life easier for all parties:

  • Time recording for clocking in and out for all employees. Everything is controlled digitally and stored at a central point.
  • Employees have various options and can, for example, record their working times digitally using an app, a chip or a fingerprint.
  • The recording of overtime is also regulated centrally in the time recording. Rules for recording can be specified and a simple evaluation for each employee is possible.

One of the most important functions is the automated vacation policy. Applications can be recorded and confirmed digitally and the corresponding hours and days are automatically recorded and deducted from the time account.

Of course, employees also benefit from this central recording and, above all, from the simplified option of working with their own vacation days. There is thus greater transparency in the company with regard to the issue of working hours. The employees have the opportunity to find out about their own hours and to request an exact billing of the hours when it comes to the topic of overtime or general working hours.

The primary goal is of course to improve the general procedures and processes in your own company. If the employees know that their own working hours are recorded fairly and correctly and they have the possibility to plan their vacation simply via a system, this also increases the general satisfaction with their own work.

Time tracking software

The right time management and an efficient one Time tracking software are important keys to increasing efficiency in the business environment. This is not about checking colleagues and employees, but about fair accounting for the benefit of the employees themselves, the company and the customers.

Since the effort for time recording can be very high, you should rely on modern methods of technology. With GRÜN ZICOM5 we offer you a software for time recording that supports you in recording working hours and working hours.

Why implement time recording using software?

The idea of ​​the classic time clock is still an indispensable part of the minds of most employees. In this way, it was recorded exactly who worked how many hours in the company and when. The classic time clocks for recording working hours are replaced by modern ones today Time recording terminals replaced.

Depending on the company, you even had to clock yourself out for the breaks so that you had an exact time recording of the working hours. Of course, the time of the punch card and the time clock is long gone and today it is primarily the products of digitization that are supposed to make the process of time recording easier.

This is not just about time recording itself, but of course also about the associated evaluation of working times and Production and project data acquisitionwhich is entirely in the interests of all parties involved.

The GRÜN Software Group offers with the solution GRÜN ZICOM5 offers a simple but extensive time recording system with which the working hours in the company can be recorded easily and conveniently. Evaluations and planning are carried out at the same time, which provide management and employees with detailed analyzes and evaluations of working times.


Companies and organizations that trust us

Below we provide you with references from users of specialized standard software solutions from GRÜN GROUP. The following references are only a small selection from around 4.000 installations.

WOGE housing cooperative Kiel eG
momox GmbH
DKB FOUNDATION for social engagement
Hadamar city

Tree nursery Lorenz von Ehren GmbH & Co. KG
INTERPARES MOBAU central warehouse Rhineland GmbH & Co. KG
Tourism NRW eV

point S Germany GmbH
Marschhof GbR Gudrun and Reinhard Speer
Touristik GmbH Krummhoern-Greetsiel
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