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Fundraising agency

As a fundraising agency, we understand modern fundraising as the systematic approach to attracting and retaining donors, members or participants - on the basis of a clearly defined strategy, with the help of proven fundraising instruments and in conjunction with digital tools in online fundraising and in digital marketing.

Fundraising strategy, concept, campaign planning

At the beginning of a project or campaign, we ask each other in fundraising: What do we want to achieve? With who? And above all: how? Do we want to attract new donors or new members, for example? We work out a viable strategy together with our customers and develop a solid concept from it. We base the planning of measures on this.

Donation management service by the fundraising agency

An important pillar in systematic fundraising is donation management with the help of professional donor management software. Our team at the fundraising agency offers ongoing donation management as a service - temporarily or permanently, as required. Based on our online donation management tool GRÜN IMB LASSIE For example, we can support you in booking donations or send thank you letters and donation confirmations. Another example are address selections for fundraising measures. With our donation management service, we are aimed at those customers who do not have enough internal capacity for donation management or who want to outsource it to use it elsewhere.

Campaign management and controlling

Communication and fundraising campaigns can be very complex and involve many dozen individual measures. In fundraising, we plan, manage, calculate and control all of this for you. And you always have an overview.

Mailings and inserts designed by fundraising agency

The mailing is dead. Inserts no longer work. Often claimed, but not true. The core instrument of fundraising is lively and often still the guarantee for a broad base. In Classic Fundraising, we take on the complete service from concept to text, design and production to address management / list broking and lettershop.

New donation advertising

Acquiring new donors is not an easy business. But an indispensable one. We successfully rely on digital marketing and content marketing. And of course they also master the tried and tested instruments.

Inheritance fundraising

Inheritance, will, legacy - this area in Classic Fundraising is experiencing strong growth rates. Billions of euros are inherited every year. But how do you participate? Is a simple inheritance brochure enough? Or are there other concepts? Yes there is. And with us.

Event donations

Weddings, special birthdays, anniversaries, but also sad occasions - can and should be used systematically for fundraising. And ideally, this instrument can also be used to attract new donors. We'll show you how.

Event / face to face fundraising

The most effective contact with the target group is a personal conversation. Stand communication at major events is a very effective way of conveying your organization's concerns and attracting supporters. In Classic Fundraising, we suggest suitable events, design your stand, produce the materials, plan an attention-grabbing campaign, train your employees and, if necessary, also be at the stand ourselves.

Large donation advertising

Winning wealthy people as supporters is an art in itself. But it also works if you are not a member of a millionaires club yourself. We will help you.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

More and more companies are not only getting involved socially, but also make demands on their social commitment. We support you in the selection and approach of suitable corporate partners and develop joint projects.

Church fundraising

Church fundraising

As a fundraising agency, we offer a wide range of fundraising and communication services for church works and institutions. We have special experience and knowledge here. We can church!

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Fundraising agency GRÜN alpha

GRÜN alpha is a fundraising agency that supports organizations and non-profit organizations in raising funds for their projects. The goal of a fundraising agency is to improve the financial situation of the organizations in order to achieve their goals and missions.

The fundraising agency GRÜN alpha works closely with the organization to develop an individual fundraising concept tailored to their needs. Various strategies are used here, such as direct mailings, fundraising events, crowdfunding, online marketing or addressing foundations and corporate donors.

A professional fundraising agency has an experienced team of fundraising experts who support the organization in implementing the campaign. They have extensive fundraising knowledge and experience and know how to attract donors to an organization.

Fundraising agency creates network with donors

Working with a fundraising agency offers organizations many advantages. You save time and resources because the fundraising agency takes over the entire organization and implementation of the fundraising campaign. In addition, the fundraising agency has an extensive network of potential donors and can support the organization in identifying donors and creating donor profiles.

By working with a fundraising agency, organizations can reach their fundraising goals faster and successfully implement their missions and projects. If your organization is also looking for a reliable fundraising solution, you should consider working with a professional fundraising agency.

Customers with GRÜN alpha work together successfully.

Organizations and companies that trust us

Below we provide a small selection of satisfied customers who work with the fundraising agency GRÜN alpha work together. If you would like specific references to individual products, service areas or target groups, please contact us.

EWV energy and water supply GmbH
Benedictine Abbey Maria Laach
CHURCH IN EMERGENCY / Ostiesterhilfe Deutschland eV V.
Volkswagen Foundation

German Fundraising Association
Stadtwerke Düren GmbH
RWTH Aachen University
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