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Digitalization is a revolution that will take place in European SMEs over the next 10 years, at least for companies that want to continue operating successfully in the market after this phase.

Digital transformation with GRÜN Digital consulting

Organizational advice

Our organizational advice on integrative process optimization aims to improve work processes together with the employees involved. Processes such as order processing, product development or sales are designed from the start with a selected group of employees (key people) from the respective process.

Conception of the target processes

A special working method enables employees to concentrate fully on content-related issues and to work creatively. The new process is worked out together and focuses on the future. The group starts immediately with the conception of the target process, there is no need for time-consuming as-is analyzes. Thanks to the special and integrative form of moderation and interview, all relevant questions are raised and discussed, solutions found and adopted with consensus.

Implementation success

The high degree of integration creates a high level of acceptance among employees. They identify with the results because they helped to develop them in terms of content. The implementation success of these projects is therefore very high, the new processes are lived and not only documented. You will find a summary of the advisory features in the box opposite.

Dr. Oliver Grün
DPhil Oliver Grün

Our GRÜN- and BITMi board Mr. Dr. Oliver Grün was appointed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labor in the expert group to prepare the national IT summit. We would be happy to support you with our consulting expertise in the digital transformation of your company.

Digital expertise Dr. Oliver Grün
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