Time recording GRÜN ZICOM

GRÜN ZICOM is the Time tracking software for booking, planning and processing working times.

GRÜN ZICOM: software for time recording

Time tracking software

In global competition, with increasing flexibility in working hours, it is becoming more and more important to manage and digitize the time recording of workers professionally, efficiently and cost-effectively. An offer of flexible and dynamic time models based on the workload leads to higher employee motivation and at the same time supports the company by optimizing personnel costs.

eitwirtschafts-system GRÜN ZICOM5

Time recording

Time recording GRÜN ZICOM5 as the core solution, working time models with personnel and plan attendance and booking data of all employees are recorded and processed.


Online time recording

GRÜN eZICOM is the complete one Online time recording. The internet-based add-on module enables time management management processes to be carried out via the internet using a browser.

Manage time management online: GRÜN eZICOM5
The app for time tracking: GRÜN mZICOM

Native smartphone app

The native App for time recording GRÜN In addition to manual time recording, mZICOM enables other automated functions. The geofencing function can be used to activate fully automatic, operator-free recording of working times using the localization functions of today's smartphones.


Time recording as a SaaS solution

GRÜN ZICOM Cloud offers a Online time recording from the cloud for small and medium businesses. The time recording takes place via a browser on the computer, tablet or smartphone and can be used without software installation (SaaS). Working times can be booked and leave requests can be made via a modern interface.



Time tracking software

The right time management and an efficient one Time tracking software are important keys to increasing efficiency in the business environment. This is not about checking colleagues and employees, but about fair accounting for the benefit of the employees themselves, the company and the customers.

Since the effort for time recording can be very high, you should rely on modern methods of technology. With GRÜN ZICOM5 we offer you a software for time recording that supports you in recording working hours and working hours.

Why implement time recording using software?

The idea of ​​the classic time clock is still an indispensable part of the minds of most employees. In this way, it was recorded exactly who worked how many hours in the company and when. The classic time clocks for recording working hours are replaced by modern ones today Time recording terminals replaced.

Depending on the company, you even had to clock yourself out for the breaks so that you had an exact time recording of the working hours. Of course, the time of the punch card and the time clock is long gone and today it is primarily the products of digitization that are supposed to make the process of time recording easier.

This is not just about time recording itself, but of course also about the associated evaluation of working times and Production and project data acquisitionwhich is entirely in the interests of all parties involved.

 GRÜN Software Group offers with the solution GRÜN ZICOM5 a simple but extensive time recording system with which the working time in the company can be recorded easily and conveniently. At the same time, evaluations and planning are carried out, which provide management and employees with detailed analyzes and evaluations of working times.

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