The KiBA Foundation appreciates the business intelligence of VEWA

For many years, the KiBa Foundation has relied on the market-leading solutions of GRÜN Software Group. Over 30 million euros in donations have already been made with the donor administration GRÜN processed by VEWA. Extensive analyzes of VEWA's business intelligence optimize fundraising measures. Via the online donation forms of GRÜN spendino, online donations are collected. VEWA is also used as a member administration to manage more than 3.200 members at the KiBa Foundation.

What would Germany be without its churches? They connect people to each other. They give home, orientation and confidence. However, many churches are threatened with decay, but the parishes lack the financial means for renovation.

That's why she Protestant church in Germany in 1997 together with the regional churches Foundation for the preservation of ecclesiastical monuments (Foundation KiBa) in Germany and has since given more than 1.600 funding commitments totaling around 35 million euros for the preservation of churches in Germany. With regular TV reports, cultural tours, benefit events, publications, trade fairs and merchandising products, the KiBa Foundation promotes donations, endowments and named endowments.

In 2000, a support association was also founded, which now has over 3.800 members.

VEWA as donation management

The KiBa foundation opened shortly after it was founded in 1997 GRÜN VEWA as Donation management set to manage all incoming donations.

More than 30 million euros in donations have so far been collected for the preservation of church monuments. The success in fundraising is based, among other things, on the extensive and easy-to-create selections in the VEWA donation administration. Reinhard Greulich, who is responsible for donation management at the KiBa Foundation, regularly uses this to create extensive selections for targeted and personalized mailings, serial letters or telephone campaigns from the entire donor database, which also includes information from the payment history or the communication system. The mailings include, for example, the Newsletter Foundation KiBa Aktuell, which is sent out four times a year and contains a pre-filled payment slip in addition to a request for donations. The donations and payment history collected in this way are read in electronically via the VEWA add-on module “electronic account statement” and processed automatically. As a result, a purpose and the donation amount are recognized and records are made for future transfer forms VEWA delivered.

Large donations are also managed from VEWA. Interested major donors who want to donate between 2.000 and 20.000 euros receive an online catalog with possible donation projects and can select an object of their choice. The entire donation and donor management for major donors is of course carried out by GRÜN VEWA.

In addition, the complete communication of the funded projects is managed in VEWA. For example, the funding contracts are created directly from VEWA and sent to the applicants.

Analysis of donor data via business intelligence

The Business Intelligence Module (BIM) from VEWA was integrated for the KiBa Foundation for the fast, flexible and focused analysis of donor data and donor behavior as well as for donation controlling. BIM provides the KiBa Foundation with the following options:

  • Ad hoc analyzes with key figure formula generator
  • XML interface to MS Excel
  • Immediate assessment of data quality even with millions of data sets
  • Visualization of multiple representations
  • Used to support marketing campaigns
  • Used to evaluate actions and communication behavior
  • Use for financial controlling

Collect donations online GRÜN spendino

Collecting online donations is becoming more and more important at the Kiba Foundation. That is why this has been successfully coming here since 2016 Online donation form GRÜN spendino for use.

What is remarkable is that the volume of online donations has increased by 60% in the last two years. It is also noteworthy that the average donation amount of around 95 euros here is well above the average of all nationwide online donations. "Especially the use of PayPal as a payment method has brought an additional boost here," says Reinhard Greulich as a success factor. Another factor is the donation thank you, which has been completely customized. "It was also important to us that our donors receive a special thank you from us." adds Greulich.

The KiBa Foundation wants to make another tool available to online donors in the near future: In the future this should be possible Event donation tool GRÜN spendino can be used, for example, to be able to collect online donations for the preservation of church monuments on birthdays.

VEWA as member administration

The success of the KiBa Foundation is also based on the special commitment of the members of the association. Nationwide, more than 3.800 members are involved in the KiBa Foundation's support association. For membership in the association, the foundation charges an annual fee of 96 euros for individuals.

The entire management of memberships and membership fees is also carried out by GRÜN VEWA. About the Membership management VEWA manages the annual fee for the members via the fee schedule.

“Above all, the integration of the Business Intelligence module from GRÜN has proven itself very well. The investment in BIM has paid off for us, as has the professional training GRÜN Software Group. "

— Reinhard Greulich, consultant at the KiBa Foundation and responsible for donor support

Reinhard Greulich
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