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Access control

In this age of increased awareness of the security of trade secrets, access control in connection with time management is of particular importance. With GRÜN ZICOM did you have that GRÜN Access access control professional access control.

Additional moduleAccess control

Based on the in GRÜN ZICOM stored data takes place with the Access control add-on module an extensive access control with control of different access hardware and terminals. For example, depending on the employee, certain authorizations and system parameters can easily and conveniently be enabled for all employees at certain times or in certain areas.

Electronic access control

Systems for electronic access control and personnel time and attendance systems deliver all information relating to your working hours safely and conveniently. And all in real time, if you want. Manipulation of the electronic access control is impossible, since real time stamps record and transmit all data immediately. Electronic access control and time and attendance recording in a perfect combination provide you with the basic data for correct working time accounting, remuneration and recalculation.

Opportunities through access control

Anyone who wants to present themselves as a modern company cannot avoid electronic access control. The long-term advantages of electronic access control should not be underestimated, because they offer a wide range of options.


Companies and organizations that trust us

Below we provide you with references from users of specialized standard software solutions from GRÜN GROUP. The following references are only a small selection from around 4.000 installations.

WOGE housing cooperative Kiel eG
momox GmbH
DKB FOUNDATION for social engagement
Hadamar city

Tree nursery Lorenz von Ehren GmbH & Co. KG
INTERPARES MOBAU central warehouse Rhineland GmbH & Co. KG
Tourism NRW eV

point S Germany GmbH
Marschhof GbR Gudrun and Reinhard Speer
Touristik GmbH Krummhoern-Greetsiel

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