VEWA donation accounting

Donation accounting

Get your single donors, permanent donors and direct debit donors with the donation accounting in GRÜN VEWA7 even better under control, and above all: save time! Incoming donation payments can be made in the Donation management recorded manually or read in using your bank's electronic account statement and automatically processed further.

The integrated donor recognition differentiates donations received from the house list or from external lists. Any partial character strings can be interpreted in the multipurpose field of the transfer form in order to then suggest the action or the promotional code. Incoming donations from new donors can also be processed automatically. Various research and enrichment methods are available for incomplete donor addresses. Furthermore, a flexible direct debit collection of donation commitments is possible.

Incoming donations can be sent to the in GRÜN VEWA7 integrated electronic payment transactions are partially recorded automatically.

In addition to the mandatory SEPA direct debit for recurring donations (including announcements and notifications of changes), the electronic account statement is a tool for automatically reading and booking your bank's electronic account statement. The built-in recognition enhancement creates a "learning" system so that the proportion of automatable booking processes is growing continuously.

From GRÜN From VEWA7, donation confirmations can be generated and sent very easily according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance.

In addition to individual donation confirmations, collective donation confirmations can also be created. You determine which donors should receive a donation receipt, since the lower and upper limits of the donation sums can be freely defined.

In addition, donation confirmations are available. Functions for the creation of copies or new issues are also part of the scope of our standard software solution for donation organizations. Protocols and control lists for donation confirmations and thank you letters and a complete archiving of outgoing print editions in VEWA-CRM round off the area of ​​donation post-processing.

In the standard model of GRÜN VEWA7 is one Financial accounting interface to many common financial accounting already included.

This includes the financial accounting of
  • Diamond software
  • AccountingNet
  • Lexware
  • Legend
  • SAP FI
Other financial accounting may be due to the flexibility of the VEWA interface also be set up.

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