GRÜN mZICOM: Fully automatic time recording via the native smartphone app.


The innovative GRÜN In addition to manual time recording, mZICOM enables other automated functions. The geofencing function can be used to activate fully automatic, operator-free recording of working times using the localization functions of today's smartphones.

Fully automatic time recording viathe native smartphone app.

The radius of the company locations can be easily and conveniently adjusted. A reduced radius enables you to log out to visit the restaurant during your lunch break, for example, while a larger radius prevents you from logging out when moving around the factory premises. For data protection reasons, the function can of course be optionally deactivated. GRÜN mZICOM provides extensive statistics on the recorded working times. The booked coming and going working times can be checked on the smartphone. In addition, daily and monthly values ​​for the target and actual working times are taken from the central time management system GRÜN ZICOM is transmitted and made visible so that employees can view the account while on the move. The smartphone saves all recorded working times in the native GRÜN mZICOM, so that a permanent connection to the Internet is not necessary. Field staff in particular can digitally record their working hours. The app transfers the data to the ZICOM as soon as the smartphone has an Internet connection. Of course, the times can still be recorded manually without the geofencing function.

Data acquisition in the app, can also be used offline

Operator-free recording of working times via geofencing

Automatic logging out, logging in or logging in, depending on the user's movement profile

Adjusting the radius of the company locations

Comprehensive statistics on the recorded working times can be called up

Automatic synchronization with the back office


Companies and organizations that trust us

Below we provide you with references from users of specialized standard software solutions from GRÜN GROUP. The following references are only a small selection from around 4.000 installations.

WOGE housing cooperative Kiel eG
momox GmbH
DKB FOUNDATION for social engagement
Hadamar city

Tree nursery Lorenz von Ehren GmbH & Co. KG
INTERPARES MOBAU central warehouse Rhineland GmbH & Co. KG
Tourism NRW eV

point S Germany GmbH
Marschhof GbR Gudrun and Reinhard Speer
Touristik GmbH Krummhörn-Greetsiel

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