Exciting lectures and a future workshop at the GRÜN Innovations! 2021

The GRÜN Innovations! 2021 found on September 30, 2021 instead of. Due to the current corona situation, the event was again carried out purely virtually at short notice. Dr. Oliver Grün and Dirk Hönscheid, the two managing directors of GRÜN Software Group the, welcomed around 130 participants to the GRÜN Innovations! 2021.

At the beginning of the event, Oliver Grün first presented the development of the GRÜN Software Group as well as the current status of the new buy & build strategy. In the second part of the lecture, new, digital tools and events for customer communication were presented. Because of the still-present corona pandemic, a focus was placed on online seminars and online events that take place via the GRÜN Digital campus Tobe offered. And with success: in September 2021 alone, over 500 participants registered for various online events. As part of this lecture, the opinion of all participants was also asked. Very exciting: Almost half of the participants would prefer a face-to-face event to a digital event in the future.

GRÜN Innovations! 2021 with 2 x 4 parallel expert lectures

After the welcome, 2 x 4 parallel expert lectures were on the agenda of the GRÜN Innovations! 2021. In the first four parallel lectures, the new features and innovations of the industry solutions GRÜN VEWA, GRÜN MFplus, GRÜN ZICOM and GRÜN NTX presented. In the following slot with four other parallel lectures, the GRÜN Data monitor fundraising and GRÜN.SOCIAL2 two new solutions of the GRÜN Software Group presents. In addition, new analysis and reporting options have been added to the online industry software GRÜN eVEWA and the new cockpit of the online fundraising tools from GRÜN spendino presented.

At the end of the series of lectures, the new GRÜN Customer Portal introduced a new central point of contact for VEWA customers. The customer portal will be in the future GRÜN inside, the PM tool and that Support ticket system unite.

VEWA future workshop

After the presentations, a VEWA future workshop was on the agenda of GRÜN Innovations! 2021. This should actually be a presence event in the innovation center of GRÜN Software Group occur. Due to the corona pandemic, however, this was also carried out digitally via zoom at short notice. The future of the VEWA industry software was discussed with the participants and new ideas and innovations were discussed.

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