GRÜN ZICOM digitizes time recording at WOGE

Digitization of time recording at the Wohnungs-Genossenschaft Kiel eG through a purely software-based solution from GRÜN Software Group. Optimized workflow for vacation requests for all employees.

The WOGE housing cooperative Kiel eG was founded in 1926 as Postverein Kiel eG, since 1996 WOGE has existed under its current company name. The cooperative manages over 2.300 residential units in 11 cities throughout Schleswig-Holstein and has a community of 3.800 members. The advantage of this cooperative compared to the usual tenancy agreements is the membership status. Members have acquired shares in the company and can thus take part in general meetings and participate in the company's business activities. This gives the members of WOGE, among other things, influence on decisions for maintenance, modernization and the construction of new residential units.

With GRÜN eZICOM for digital time recording

GRÜN ZICOM is the one time recording software of the GRÜN Software Group for booking, planning and processing working hours. The WOGE housing cooperative has been using the internet-based variant for many years GRÜN eZICOM for online time recording of all employees.

The most important criterion for WOGE is the possibility of a purely software-based solution. Instead of terminals for booking working times, all administrative processes for time management can be carried out digitally by the employees. Especially since the corona pandemic, in which working from the mobile office has become increasingly important GRÜN eZICOM benefited the housing cooperative: “It is a great advantage now, because many colleagues are in the mobile office and can easily book all working hours from home via eZICOM,” reports Anke Gillmann, administrative employee of WAVE.

Optimized workflow for vacation requests

About GRÜN eZICOM can, in addition to the time recording data, also submit and manage vacation requests from all employees. The housing cooperative WOGE has an individual workflow in GRÜN eZICOM implemented. Holidays are always planned for the coming year at the end of the year. The results are then saved in the planning assistant in GRÜN eZICOM entered and made available to the board as an overview. This gives the cooperative and its employees a number of advantages: "It is an advantage that it is regulated in advance who is on vacation and when, so that one can discuss things with colleagues, including with regard to the substitution situation," explains Anke Gillmann. In the current year, the final vacation requests will then also be over GRÜN eZICOM submitted to the board of directors and compared with the planned vacation in a calendar. This means that deviations from planning and applications can be recognized immediately.

Individual settings in GRÜN eZICOM

GRÜN eZICOM offers many options for optimally adapting time recording to the internal needs of WOGE. “That's the nice thing that if you have a wish or something new is added, you can set it up in eZICOM and, for example, create individual reasons for absence. For example, we then included “quarantine” as the booking status for the absence, ”explains Anke Gillmann. "And I also find it very helpful that all employees can submit correction requests online in the event of incorrect bookings." WOGE offers all employees a wide range of working time models, which in addition to the core working hours are all in GRÜN eZICOM are stored. In order to keep an overview, WOGE regularly uses the statistics and evaluations in GRÜN eZICOM. Absences and deviations in working hours are also tracked and checked monthly using evaluation functions.

"About the GRÜN ZICOM, all WOGE colleagues can digitally and efficiently record their working hours, vacation requests and project times in the mobile office and in the office. "

- Anke Gillmann, contact person at the service point of WOGE Wohnungs-Genossenschaft Kiel eG
(Photo Anke Gillmann: Soulpicture)

Anke Gillmann, General Administration WOGE Housing Cooperative Kiel eG
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