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Online donation form

More donations! Less work: with the Online donation form from GRÜN spendino Offer your donors the easiest and most convenient way to help collect donations online: No unnecessary clicks, no forwarding to other websites, just a few steps to donate.

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Our online donation form in detail

With GRÜN spendino you can start collecting donations right away. Create your own in a few minutes Online donation form in the CI of your donation organization. The integration of the donation forms into your website is child's play without any programming effort. GRÜN spendino generates a small snippet of code that just needs to be copied into your website. And your online donation form is ready to go.

Online donation form from GRÜN spendino
Collect donations successfully online with GRÜN spendino

Product Configurator

GRÜN spendino provides for the use of the Online donation forms different packages to choose from. Our package prices are dynamically linked to your donation success. You can now start without any problems: Test 30 days without a basic fee! No automatic renewal! No risk!

payment processing

Give your donors the choice: GRÜN spendino offers one for online donations payment processing by credit card, PayPal, SEPA direct debit and instant transfer. And best of all: You do not pay any transaction costs for donations via SEPA direct debit. 100% of the donations will reach you and benefit your donation purpose.

payment processing GRÜN spendino
Extensive evaluation options for online fundraising activities since the new release of GRÜN spendino.

Donation cockpit

The GRÜN spendino cockpit is her Real-time donor management. Always keep track of all donations. Fast, easy and safe!


the Spendenaktion

With the the Spendenaktion from GRÜN spendino turn your donors into fundraisers. Enable your donors to include a fundraising campaign on their own website.

Fundraisers with GRÜN start spendino.
Donation management GRÜN VEWA

GRÜN Interface ecosystem

Data of all donors from GRÜN spendino can be easily and conveniently via a standard interface in the Donation management from GRÜN VEWA7 GRÜN IMB and GRÜN IMB Lassie can be imported for further processing.

Maximum security & data protection

GRÜN spendino is a SaaS software that uses the GRÜN AppCloud is hosted in our Aachen data center. Your sensitive donor data will only be transmitted using secure SSL encryption. This guarantees that the highest standards of security and data protection are met.

Data security

GRÜN spendino features at a glance

Simply collect online donations: With the GRÜN spendino Fundraising Tools you have a competent partner and a strong solution for online fundraising.

4 payment methods

Your donors have a choice and can donate via SEPA direct debit, credit card, online transfer and PayPal.

Personal data

Adding advanced queries to your donors, such as: a personal message field, a date of birth or a phone number, is in GRÜN spendino possible.

Continuous donations

Your donors can over GRÜN spendino make permanent donations easily and conveniently, also via PayPal.

Easy integration

Simple integration of the online donation form on your website. No programming skills required.

Configurations of the online donation forms

Create a donation form in just a few steps. You can choose from four versions of the online donation forms: compact form, button, widget and help bar

Donor management

You always have an overview of all donors and donations via the cockpit. Hourly tracking of incoming donations to evaluate marketing activities makes your fundraising activities measurable.

Donation receipts

You can send donation receipts for your donors at the push of a button in the cockpit of GRÜN create spendino

Donor communication

You can use the email marketing tool to build donor loyalty. Spendino can also be used for Facebook fan pages in order to achieve more reach by sharing the project page.

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The online donation forms from GRÜN You can test spendino free of charge for 30 days.

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Non-Profit Organizations That Trust Us

Below we provide you with references from users of our online fundraising tools. The following references represent only a small selection of customers who use our online donation form or the SMS donation tools.

Friedensdorf International
Foundation for the Preservation of Church Monuments in Germany

The Johanniter Accident Assistance
LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e. V.
Helping hands - non-profit company for the support and care of children and adults with multiple disabilities
Pharmacists Without Borders Germany eV

Good aiderbichl
SCM Bundes-Verlag gGmbH

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Our fundraising and technology experts are always at your disposal. We would be happy to show you our solutions in an online demo or give you fundraising tips. We look forward to your non-binding contact request.

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Online fundraising

Online fundraising has become more and more popular in recent years. Due to the constant further development, the importance of online donation forms and SMS donations as fundraising tools has grown significantly for companies. Younger target groups in particular are better addressed via the Internet, which is why fundraising on the Internet has proven to be extremely efficient.

Benefits of online fundraising

The advantages of online fundraising compared to classic fundraising are relevant for donors. The advantages of online donation forms are, on the one hand, the uncomplicated and inexpensive communication channels, but also the target group-oriented fundraising. In addition, the potential reach of the organization can be increased enormously through online fundraising.

However, one of the most significant benefits of fundraising online is the ease with which donors can pay. They no longer have to fill out a transfer slip, but can become a member with just a few clicks and donate a corresponding amount online.

In order to really take full advantage of online donation tools, companies and organizations should not limit themselves to just one channel. The big advantage of the internet is the fast and uncomplicated networking and that is exactly what should be used when collecting donations. It is therefore essential to use multiple channels to address and contact even more people.

Collect donations online

Anyone wishing to collect donations online as a non-profit association or organization has various options. It is recommended to use different channels in online fundraising so that enough online donations can be collected. It is also important to note that the different channels each have their own advantages.

Fundraising through email

Email marketing is also an important channel for online fundraising. E-mails and newsletters can be used to acquire new donors or to reactivate older donors. Marketing via email is one of the most efficient and cost-effective tools for online fundraising.

An example of use is an integrated donation button, which is implemented as standard in all emails from the respective company. This now refers to the respective online donation form. If the donor is already known, the payment details can simply be stored and the donation can be carried out with just one click of the mouse.

A big advantage of this method are the many possibilities in terms of personalization. Every organization can design its donation button as it wishes and implement various additional functions. In addition, this method is hardly associated with costs, but offers an extremely high level of efficiency.

Harness the power of social media

One option that no organization can avoid when it comes to online fundraising is the use of social media. Whether Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram, there are different target groups on all platforms that can be addressed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Anyone who, as an organization, would like to refer to their online donation form can do this just as quickly and easily as with email marketing. The first thing to do here is to differentiate which target group should be addressed. This decision is of great importance when choosing the respective platform. On portals such as Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram, younger people are more likely to be found, so if this is the right target group, then it is worth using these channels. This can of course also happen if this is not the case, but otherwise the corresponding efficiency cannot be guaranteed.

The Facebook platform, on the other hand, is suitable for almost all target groups. There are also various ways to draw attention to yourself and your online donation form. Depending on what you are willing to spend, contributions can be sponsored or advertisements placed on the platform. These are then suggested to users who might be interested in the respective topic of the organization. In this way, many new donors can be approached within a very short time and the efficiency can be increased significantly.

But social media is not only suitable for advertising purposes and for acquiring new donors. When it comes to online fundraising, transparency is of great importance. The donors want to know what is happening with their money and whether it will get where the organization has announced it. Unfortunately, it has happened far too often in the past that donations were misappropriated or otherwise misused.

On social media, on the other hand, companies and organizations can present exactly what is happening with the donations. The work on new projects that were financed by online donations can be followed closely in various articles. The social media channels are therefore ideally suited to increasing and improving your own transparency and trust in donors.

This is actually a win / win situation. Because of the good transparency and the many contributions, the organization can also receive positive advertising, which causes little or no costs. In the end, it can be said that working on social media is extremely important in order to promote your own projects and to ensure the transparency of them.

Create your own website

Presence is of the utmost importance not only via e-mails or on social media; your own website must also not be missing. Anyone who as an organization would like to advertise and carry out their online donation project professionally needs an equally professional website, which is not limited to a Facebook company page.

Your own website should of course primarily contain all the important information about the project and the organization. Contact details and a proper imprint should also be taken for granted. This is the only way to carry out and guarantee a successful online donation campaign.

A donation button, which automatically refers to the corresponding online donation form, can then be integrated on the website, just like with e-mail marketing. However, there are still several ways to implement various donation tools on your own homepage.

For example, information on functions such as donating via SMS or other tools can be inserted on the website. As with the appearance on social media, various information about ongoing projects and other announcements can be announced. Your own website is therefore just as suitable for the corresponding transparency as the social media channels.

Collecting donations online is the future

The steadily advancing digitization quickly makes it clear that online fundraising is the future. The advantages speak for themselves and make this form of fundraising indispensable in the foreseeable future.

Collecting donations via the Internet is becoming an efficient tool, especially because people are networked around the world. The various options offer every company the right method to take advantage of this opportunity. If necessary, organizations can of course seek advice from appropriate agencies and have them carry out various tasks. Although this is associated with some costs, companies are guaranteed a highly professional service and the collection of donations via digital fundraising is always successful.