Demo: donation form

Check out our live Donation form at. The donation form can be used as a compact form, donation button or widget.

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Donation form

Check out online fundraising tools GRÜN spendino live. On our demo website you will find all fundraising tools from campaign donations to the donation barometer.

Donation button

The donation button should make it easier for your donors to start donating. If they have decided to support you, the donation button must be clearly visible.

If donors have to search for a long time, the willingness to donate decreases. If donors click on the button, this should ideally be the case Online donation form to open. Grab one GRÜN spendino Donation button back or design your own donation button.


You can place the widget anywhere on your website. It opens with one click. Due to its size, it is ideal for passing on to partners and sponsors so that they can also collect donations for you.

Use the newly gained reach and increase your donation volume.


You can directly involve your donor community with our special form for donations for special occasions or campaigns. Give your donors the opportunity to create their own campaigns for various occasions and to share them with friends. In this way you create an individual relationship for and to the donors and automatically increase the reach of the fundraising campaign.

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