Fundraisers with GRÜN start spendino.

Fundraising campaigns / special occasion donations

Give your supporters the opportunity to actively help themselves. With the Event and campaign donations from GRÜN spendino your donors can collect donations for your organization together with their own network of friends and acquaintances. Be it a special occasion such as a milestone birthday or simply a special identification with a specific project, with just a few clicks the Event donation or the Fundraiser with individual donation forms created.

Turn your donors into fundraisers

Your projects are just as important to your loyal supporters as they are to you. Through donation campaigns, donors have the opportunity to realize their mutual heart projects with the power of private networks. A good example of such an occasion is an event, a party or a milestone birthday, for which the supporter would rather collect money for a good cause instead of gifts. Everyone has a smartphone these days, so why not start a digital fundraiser and share the link to it with all guests. They can use the mobile donation form directly during the event or party and thus contribute to the success of the campaign.

The initiator can design the fundraising campaign himself and personalize it with a picture, for example. The confirmation email that is sent automatically contains a link to his campaign page, which he can easily share via the usual channels with a click. This not only raises money for a good cause, but also saves your guests the headaches about the right gift.

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