There are for small and medium-sized associations, foundations and other organizations in Germany GRÜN IMB LASSIE, the optimal online donation management with many functions and accompanying services.


Simple, online and cheap

Without purchase costs and can be canceled at any time. GRÜN IMB LASSIE is the smart light version of the successful donation campaign software GRÜN IMB for the German market and as part of a service package with our Fundraising services be used.

Data transfer

We import your existing addresses into GRÜN IMB LASSIE. There we can analyze and select your donor data for you at any time. We can also enrich and process your donor data for the next donation campaign.

Donation service

Upon request, we will take care of incoming calls and e-mails from members and donors who would like to make changes to their data (address, family name, bank details, etc.). We are also happy to answer questions about your donations to your supporters.

Booking management

If you cannot or do not want to book your donations yourself, we will be happy to do it for you. All bookings are made directly in your GRÜN IMB LASSIE and are always comprehensible to you.

Dispatch of donation receipts

We can also take care of the ongoing dispatch of donation confirmations to your donors on request, which can save you a lot of work.

Standard mailings

Why not send a professional donation letter to your members or donors? We deliver inexpensive professional mailings on various occasions and topics and take care of the dispatch - so you collect more donations!

Fundraising campaigns

If necessary, we can actively support you in your fundraising. We organize donation campaigns via mailing, e-mail, telephone, SMS, face-to-face or Facebook with little effort - and all of this centrally from yours GRÜN IMB LASSIE. Upgrading individual donations or welcome packages, for example after a direct debit authorization has been issued, is also not a problem.

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