Extensive evaluation options for online fundraising activities since the new release of GRÜN spendino.

Relationship Management

The GRÜN spendino Cockpit is yours Donor management Real time. Always keep track of all donations from your projects and see all the progress of your donation campaigns at a glance. Fast, easy and safe! The cockpit can also donation forms be managed.

Evaluate statistics

Call up statistics and evaluate your fundraising activities. Make your donation a success in GRÜN spendino visible. In this way, you can find out which of your campaigns are most successful and which fundraising instruments are worthwhile for you.

Donation receipts at the click of a mouse

Create your donation receipts at the push of a button. All data are recorded automatically and you only need to send the certificate. You can see at a glance who wants a donation receipt and who doesn't. This saves time and money. With the practical PDF export you can also send the donation receipts by email. This will save you even more time and money. Use this for your project work and not for office expenses.

Data exchange and accounting

Would you like to transfer the donations received to your accounting software? Per more comfortable GRÜN Spendino interfaces make it very easy. With the interfaces and APIs mentioned, you can synchronize data with all of your databases. Developers can also develop their own creative applications that work with your GRÜN spendino account interact.

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