GRÜN mVEWA - The native app for working with GRÜN VEWA.

Enter membership applications via the native app

GRÜN mVEWA is the native app for organizations and associations and enables you to work with GRÜN VEWA on the go. Besides the Membership management The most important key performance indicators (KPIs) can be called up at any time via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Working with VEWA on the go

GRÜN mVEWA app Internal or external advertisers can have the new member fill out the applications directly on a smartphone or tablet when recruiting new members. In addition to the bank details for direct debit, this also includes the member's personal, handwritten, digital signature. Such an application then lands directly in the intermediate table in VEWA back office and can be processed from there. The advantage of the app: All data is also saved on the mobile device and is therefore also available offline.

Choose the appropriate post from the Membership Fees from GRÜN VEWA7 off. If the new member wants a direct debit for his contribution fees, the bank details and the necessary mandate can be recorded and signed directly via the app.

Do you have any other ideas? We are your partner on the way to digitization. Let us know how the app can actively support you with member advertising.

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Customer platform we offer all customers and interested parties free access to exclusive Video Tutorials and Product innovations on. In short videos with audio, we show you the functions of our software solutions. The documentation, Best Cast examples and software versions can also be accessed here. The customer platform also serves as a ticket system for VEWA customers.

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