Contribution system in GRÜN VEWA

Contribution system

GRÜN VEWA7 is a versatile and powerful tool that was specifically designed for the efficient management and organization of member data and contribution management. It offers comprehensive support in the Membership management and enables flexible and detailed handling of various membership fees. The software offers the option of storing an unlimited number of different membership fees for each member. These can be created according to an individually definable contribution structure, including staggered contribution structures.

Preparation of contribution invoices in the VEWA contribution system

A key advantage of VEWA7 is the commercial debit position of contributions, which is essential for creating and sending contribution invoices. This feature not only makes managing contributions much easier, but also helps improve financial transparency and accountability within an organization.

Mapping complex contribution structures in the contribution system

The contribution system in VEWA is designed so flexibly that it is suitable for both simple and complex contribution structures. The system can be used just as effectively for organizations with a fixed annual contribution per member as for those with variable and multi-layered contribution structures. This is particularly useful for associations and larger organizations, which often have a variety of membership categories and associated contribution structures.

Another outstanding aspect of VEWA7 is its ability to support complex membership fee calculations. It can calculate contributions based on various factors such as payroll, square footage or the number of employees among company members. This feature is particularly valuable for organizations that base their contributions on specific, measurable parameters.

User-friendly software for membership and contribution management

Total offers GRÜN VEWA7 a comprehensive, customizable and user-friendly solution for membership and dues management. With its advanced functionality and flexibility, it greatly simplifies administrative tasks and enables organizations of all sizes and structures to manage their finances efficiently and effectively. Implementing VEWA7 into an organization can increase operational efficiency, increase financial transparency and ultimately contribute to the overall strengthening of the organizational structure.

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