The new GRÜN Handwerk Digital GmbH unites craft agencies

Merging of craft agencies to form the new one GRÜN Handwerk Digital GmbH. Gabriele Philipp as managing director of the new craft agency. Simplification and streamlining of business processes. Location and known contact persons are retained.

Aachen, October 26.01.2021nd, XNUMX. The GRÜN Handwerk Digital GmbH is the new agency for the craft and merges the well-known VVWB Group including the associated subsidiaries. Managing Director of GRÜN Handwerk Digital GmbH is Gabriele Philipp, who has been managing director of a subsidiary of the former VVWB Group since 2018.

The new agency offers marketing and digitization solutions for craft businesses and craft organizations. In addition to agency services, the platform

The Aacheners GRÜN Software Group, the market-leading provider of industry software, had a majority share in 2017 of the Aachen-based "Verlag Wirtschaft und Bildung GmbH & Co. KG"(VVWB) adopted. In addition to VVWB Verlag, which had published craft publications, the VWB Agency for Association and Corporate Marketing GmbH (AVU Agency) was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of VVWB. The focus here was on offering agency services for trade associations and organizations, such as websites or promotional items from the “Guild Specialist” brand. At the same time, the Society for Purchasing Management was also founded in 2006 as a further subsidiary of VVWB, which in turn generated purchasing benefits for craft businesses with the “Entrepreneurship Card”. Due to the advancing digitization, the business areas of the individual companies are more and more closely linked. Publishing and agency business are more closely intertwined. For example, the “Unternehmerkarte Handwerk” was already integrated into “” in 2019 as a world of advantages, which is again a product from the former AVU agency. Therefore, in order to simplify for customers and to streamline administrative processes, the VVWB Group and all of the aforementioned subsidiaries have been incorporated into the new GRÜN Handwerk Digital GmbH united

The Location the new GRÜN Handwerk Digital GmbH is unchanged in the Aachener Ritterstrasse. All known contact persons and telephone numbers are retained.

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