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giftGRÜN develops WordPress websites.

WordPress as the world's leading content management system

WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world. Around 65% of the websites that are managed with a content management system run via WordPress. The Digital agency giftGRÜN has turned out to be WordPress agency specialized in this content management system. There are a multitude of professional design templates and premium plugins for the world's leading CMS WordPress, which, combined with experience, quickly lead to your goal. That is why we, as a WordPress agency, offer you with our WordPress Professional Solutions powerful websites for Fixed price or in zero leasing

WordPress websites from giftGRÜN From Aachen

giftGRÜN as a professional WordPress agency

Our WordPress team includes experienced professionals who work with WordPress, themes and plugins on a daily basis.


Specialists work in our team: concept developers, UX / UI designers and developers.

Conception and wireframes

We create a new and modern design via a soft relaunch. We also offer you a revision of the concept, which we visualize in wireframes and develop together with you.

responsive Design

More and more website visitors are using smartphones or tablets: Our websites are optimized for mobile devices.


All adjustments are saved in so-called child themes. In this way we guarantee that all plugins can be updated.

Technical SEO

SEO enables better rankings in search engines. We optimize the technology in our WordPress websites for better rankings.

Database plugins

We only use premium plugins that are secure, modern and up-to-date.

Silver: The website for customers with a concept

170 € in 24-month leasing or one-time € 3.950, plus VAT.
  • Conception and wireframes by the customer
  • responsive Design
  • Safe + updatable
  • Technical SEO

Gold: Professional website with advice

250 € in 24-month leasing or one-time € 5.950, plus VAT.
  • Conception and wireframes by giftGRÜN
  • responsive Design
  • Safe + updatable
  • Technical SEO
  • 1 Database plugins (e.g. member directory, event management)
  • 2 Design templates
  • Support for productive switching at half the daily rate

giftGRÜN: GRÜN VEWA connection included

420 € in 24-month leasing or one-time € 9.950, plus VAT.
  • Consulting workshop
  • Conception and wireframes by giftGRÜN
  • responsive Design
  • Safe + updatable
  • Technical SEO
  • 2 Database plugins (e.g. member directory, event management)
  • 4 Design templates
  • VEWA connector
  • Support for productive switching at half the daily rate

WordPress is not the front runner of content management systems for nothing, because it offers several advantages:

Premium themes and professional plugins

Premium themes are design templates that can be easily implemented in any website and adapted to the corporate design of an organization or company.

However, you need the right instinct to adapt the themes. At giftGRÜN are for that UX / UI web designer who specialize in adapting WordPress themes. They are the experts in website usability. UI web designers ensure the visual design of an interactive website, while UX web designers concentrate even more intensively on the positive user experience.

Responsive web design

From giftGRÜN are exclusively responsive WordPress themes used. This means that the website automatically adapts to the resolution and is thus optimized and available for mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Functions and features via WordPress plugins

Another benefit are the WordPress Plugins, through which a WordPress website can be expanded and expanded almost without limits. With plugins, additional functions can be added to the WordPress theme and the website can be adapted to the needs. Important functionalities of a website, such as the connection to newsletter systems, shop systems or the integration of community portals, can be easily implemented using plugins.

Used as a WordPress agency giftGRÜN here exclusively professional plugins.

We always pay attention to the security of your WordPress website. Security updates for WordPress, updates to the theme and installed plugins are published regularly. During the installation, we make sure that WordPress, the theme and the plugins can be updated so that all updates can be installed.

The best WordPress website will not do you any good if it cannot be found in search engines. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is an important topic for your new website. It concerns both technical aspects as well as the content of your website.

Our packages already contain the following configuration with regard to the technical SEO:

  • Readable URLs
  • Automatic creation of xml sitemaps
  • Connection to the Google Search Console
  • Implementation of powerful SEO plugins like SEO Yoast
  • Optimization of the theme and content in terms of speed and readability
  • optional: Page speed optimization of existing content

We integrate database plugins seamlessly into your website design. The database plugins we use include, for example:

  • Event databases
  • Member directories
  • Job boards
  • Product databases
  • Simple online shops
  • Member and customer areas

The GRÜN Software Group offers with the software family GRÜN VEWA a market leader Membership management and Donation management for non-profit organizations as well as a seminar management for education providers.

As an interface to VEWA giftGRÜN with the VEWA connector Developed a WordPress plugin that can be used to seamlessly synchronize any data from VEWA with the WordPress website. This gives you an interface that provides you with data in real time.

The technical implementation is carried out by REST API, so that you have access to the following data, for example:

  • address data
  • Event dates
  • product data
  • Project data
More about the VEWA connector


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