VEWA connector

The connection between GRÜN VEWA and your website is easy and convenient via the VEWA connector.

The internet software for NGOs and education providers: GRÜN eVEWA

How the VEWA Connector works

With GRÜN VEWA you have a powerful database for member donors and seminar data. This data is available to you and your users in a protected local environment.

About the module GRÜN eVEWA this data can also be exchanged read and write with other systems on the Internet via web services. Of the GRÜN VEWA connectors for TYPO3- and WordPress-Systems represents the counterpart for GRÜN eVEWA web services on your website. Data can be exchanged between the systems in real time via a secure connection. This creates numerous application possibilities for new products and services. The data-holding system is always there GRÜN VEWA. At no time are administrative data out GRÜN VEWA stored on the internet.

Within the CMS, the data is output in special front-end plug-ins according to your requirements.

VEWA connector for addresses

You manage in GRÜN VEWA7 Your member and donor details. Entries and exits are always up-to-date here. With the GRÜN VEWA Connector for Addresses allows you to access address data from your website. This enables the following functions, for example, to be implemented.

Member areas

If you want to provide protected content for members on the Internet or offer self-service offers for address changes, then the GRÜN VEWA Connector provide the authorization for the login in the CMS. There is no redundant maintenance of users in the CMS.

Content barrier

Content barriers for premium content can also be set in the public area of ​​the website via the GRÜN VEWA Connector to be implemented. In this way, show the added value of membership.

Member directories

In VEWA you have categorized your address data with many characteristics. You can access this data via the GRÜN Read VEWA Connector also on your website in order to offer automatic member directories without additional effort.

Membership applications

The GRÜN VEWA Connector can also transfer data from the CMS GRÜN Write VEWA. For example, data from web forms, such as a membership application, can be transferred to an intermediate web table from GRÜN VEWA be written. This saves you administrative work.

VEWA Connector for donation organizations

Donation organizations can work in the Donation management GRÜN VEWA Manage projects and campaigns. On the GRÜN VEWA Connector for donation organizations allows you to create dynamic project information on your website and project-related donation commitments with individual donation forms.

VEWA Connector for seminars

If you have seminars and appointments in the seminar management GRÜN VEWA then you do not need to maintain this data on your website. Of the GRÜN VEWA Connector for Seminars shows you all seminars categorized and filterable in real time on your website. The booking is made via the GRÜN eVEWA web checkout, which is called up from your website. Registration workflows can be implemented here according to your wishes. You will see all participations in your after a successful booking GRÜN VEWA system.

Presentation of events

Present your educational offers on your website. With series of dates, formatted content and search engine optimized landing pages

Registration workflow

The GRÜN eVEWA web checkout offers individual booking workflows that match your business processes.

VEWA Connector for shop items

In GRÜN VEWA all commercial processes of an organization can be mapped. This also includes the sale of shop items with corresponding processes such as invoicing and booking. Of the GRÜN VEWA Connector for shop articles connects your website with GRÜN VEWA. So remains GRÜN VEWA is the leading commercial system and you can see all transactions at a glance.

Shop articles, shopping carts and order processes in the CMS place orders in the writing web service GRÜN VEWA available.

The following functions are currently taken into account:
  • Different VAT rates
  • Different price levels (e.g. for members and non-members)
  • Dynamic shipping cost calculation
  • Purchase on account or direct debit
  • Digital products
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