The app for time tracking: GRÜN mZICOM

Recording working times in accordance with the law

Employers have been since 13 September 2022 according to the judgment of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) obliged to record and document the time of the employees. In connection with the ECJ judgment of 2019, it is clear that recording must be "objective, reliable and accessible". with GRÜN ZICOM offers the GRÜN Software Group a solution for legally compliant time recording.

BAG judgment and ECJ judgment on the recording of working hours

According to the judgment of Federal Labor Court employers in Germany are obliged to Time recording to have in the company. The court ruled that time recording was fundamental to the health protection of all workers. Therefore, the recording of working hours in Germany is mandatory for all companies. In this judgment, the Federal Labor Court refers to the interpretation of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (ArbSchG) and thus to the ECJ judgment on the recording of working hours from May 2019.

It is mandatory to record working hours, which must be recorded objectively and must be accessible to employees. The records must be kept by the employer for two years. Overtime must also be documented and stored for two years.

With GRÜN ZICOM record all working times in accordance with the law​

GRÜN ZICOM is the Time tracking software for booking, planning and processing working times.

  • Time tracking for clocking in and out for all employees. The working hours are stored digitally and centrally
  • Online time recording via the Internet or via the ZICOM app from the home office or on the go
  • Working time models can be stored individually
  • All bookings made by employees are saved
  • Target and actual hours are compared with the bookings
  • Reporting and evaluations of overtime can be accessed directly
  • All employees have personal hourly accounts at their disposal

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