Outline management & reporting

The Membership management by GRÜN VEWA Outlines with all necessary information can be recorded and managed. The organizational structure of your organization can thus be mapped flexibly.

The subdivisions of a federal association can, for example, be mapped at the state, district and local level or also at the diocesan level. The departments of a multi-discipline sports club, or the branches of sports communities, can also be recorded as separate structures. When using the geomarketing module, additional analyzes of the number of members or contribution volume can be made for each subdivision.

In GRÜN VEWA7 you can record and manage all of your organization's structure. The levels and types of structure are freely definable. Organizations that operate nationwide can be divided into the federal association and also at the state, district, district and local association level. Individual members are assigned their respective structure. In addition to the evaluation at the structure level, this also results in the access and authorization concept for employees from the structure to their own database - both in VEWA and in our web client GRÜN eVEWA.

The reports of a wide variety of key figures from the branches or the affiliated clubs of an association can be made through the use of GRÜN VEWA in combination with the internet system GRÜN eVEWA can be implemented particularly effectively and in a time-saving manner.

The possibilities range from the classic reporting of membership numbers in the sports sector (club report to the respective professional association or the sports association) to the recording of complex key figures from company members (e.g. sales report).

Via an optional use of GRÜN eVEWA can integrate this into an internal member area - the report is made online by those responsible on the club or member side themselves. By creating such a possibility and automated further processing in our VEWA system, for example when determining and collecting contributions, considerable added value can be achieved in practice!

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