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As an enterprise CMS, TYPO3 is one of the most popular open source systems, especially in Germany.

giftGRÜN develops websites based on TYPO3.

Silver partner of the TYPO3 Association

As a TYPO3 agency, we have over 10 years of project experience and can fall back on a large number of ready-made functional extensions. With our project template "TYPO3 Greenlabel", we also offer a powerful TYPO3 ecosystem, which significantly accelerates development and can thus save considerable costs. The digital agency giftGRÜN is Silver partner of TYPO3 Association.

TYPO3 websites from giftGRÜN From Aachen

TYPO3 services

Based on TYPO3 technology, complex and highly individualized Modern be developed.

  • TYPO3 website development
  • Development of client systems
  • Extension development
  • GRÜN VEWA connections
  • API connections
  • TYPO3 website maintenance
  • TYPO3 support
  • Fluid template development
  • SOLR website search
  • KE_Search website search
  • Connection to PIM systems
  • Connection of donation forms

Project template "TYPO3 Greenlabel"

With our TYPO3 Greenlabel project template, we have created a powerful TYPO3 ecosystem in order to be able to implement complex websites faster and with higher quality. It is a set of coordinated extensions and configurations together with a professional GIT-Lab-based version management and its own front-end module with numerous ready-made modules. This means that sliders, boxes, accordions, and navigations do not have to be individually developed for each project. Multi-client capability, a powerful messaging system, a contact database and a faceted search with document indexing are part of the standard scope of our TYPO3 green label.

The entire system is designed in such a way that a version update can be carried out at any time without major effort. There are numerous extensions which can be integrated quickly if necessary.

The following modules are currently already available in the form of extensions for the TYPO3 Greenlabel:

  • Members
  • Communications with guest barrier
  • Shop system
  • Forum
  • Appointment database
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Donation projects and donation forms with API connection too GRÜN spendino
  • Varnish cache configuration
Technical support giftGRÜN

TYPO3 support

We offer TYPO3 support both for your own and for third-party systems. As part of our support services we carry out some TYPO3 updates or provide support in day-to-day business.

TYPO3 agency in Aachen

giftGRÜN is a TYPO3 agency and supports companies and organizations in the development, implementation and maintenance of websites and web applications based on the content management system (CMS) TYPO3.

TYPO3 is one of the most famous and widely used open source platforms for websites and web applications. It is a versatile CMS that offers a wealth of features and extensions to create customized and beautiful websites. A TYPO3 agency offers companies and organizations a wide range of services to fulfill their website needs. This includes creating responsive web designs, developing custom TYPO3 modules, integrating e-commerce systems, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website hosting and support, and migrating legacy websites to TYPO3.

As a professional TYPO3 agency giftGRÜN has an experienced team of TYPO3 experts who can offer comprehensive advice and support to the customers. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of web development and TYPO3 CMS and can find individual solutions for every website challenge.

TYPO3 for customized websites

Working with a TYPO3 agency offers companies many advantages. You will get a responsive and user-friendly website that suits your needs. By implementing tailor-made functions and extensions, companies can automate and optimize their business processes. In addition, TYPO3 agencies provide full support to ensure the website is always up to date and working flawlessly.

If you are also looking for a reliable solution for your website, you should consider working with a professional TYPO3 agency. This way you can ensure that your website meets the current standards and meets the requirements of your customers.


Customers who rely on our TYPO expertise

Association of Taxpayers Germany eV
Association of German company and company doctors
AGA business association
Caritas community foundation in the Diocese of Limburg
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