Donors become fundraisers with the GRÜN Donation tools

There are many occasions to celebrate. A birthday, an anniversary, or a wedding. And more and more people want a donation for a good cause instead of gifts. With an occasional donation, donors use the special event to do good and thus become fundraisers themselves. With the market-leading solutions from GRÜN Software Group we offer the donation organizations ideal software solutions for the design and processing of occasional donations.

Offline event donations

Regardless of whether it is a company anniversary, a milestone birthday or a charity run: These are all ideal occasions for collecting donations. If possible, support the initiators from the beginning by providing suitable materials such as displays or prepared lists to collect during the event. If the donation is to be made directly by transfer to the organizational account, prepared payment slips or a predefined purpose can also be distributed. The better you structure the incoming donations, the higher the level of automation in the processing in the software.

About the Campaign management of the IMB you can create different images of campaign donations. If you usually already know the campaigns in advance, because you provide the relevant materials and then want to continue to target the special support group of the initiators, the definition of a superordinate campaign and campaigns for each occasion is a good idea. In this figure, you can not only easily assign the donations, but also clearly identify the initiator with a special response. If you are more likely to only become aware of events when payments have been received for the same purpose, the creation of a collection campaign and the use of target groups for identification are ideal.

If the amount collected is, for example, transferred by the initiator as a sum and then distributed to several people for reasons of donation deductibility, the split booking is ideal. If the donor data is available as Excel or CSV, it can of course be read in to prepare for processing. Then simply split the booked donation amount to the specified persons according to the list provided.

Online event donations

In addition to the offline variant or even in direct combination with it using a QR code, online donation options for events should not be missing nowadays, nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone. GRÜN offers about the Online fundraising tools from GRÜN spendino the opportunity to collect event donations online. They can use the mobile donation form directly during an event or party and thus contribute to the success of the campaign.

An event donation is created via the cockpit of GRÜN spendino and is ready to be published on the website of the donation organization in just a few minutes. The most important information about the payment options or the CI are stored in a 3-part workflow. Subsequently generated GRÜN spendino is a one-line code snippet that can be integrated directly into the website.

Then it can start: Providers of the event can now set up their own event donation campaign on the website of the donation organization. The initiator can design the fundraising campaign himself and personalize it with a picture, for example. The automatically sent confirmation e-mail and the resulting campaign page contain links that can be shared via the usual channels with a simple click in order to distribute the campaign to your own circle of friends and acquaintances. The special thing about this is that the initiator can specify a target amount when creating the donation so that a donation barometer shows the current donation status at any time in the campaign overview.

Donating is easy: Via the online donation forms from GRÜN spendino will ask for the most important donation data. All donations made are displayed directly below the donation. If the donor does not want to publish his data on the Internet, he can display his donation anonymously with one click.

Via the cockpit of GRÜN spendino, all donations can be viewed and evaluated without any problems. In collaboration with a GRÜN Back office solution such as the GRÜN IMB or GRÜN VEWA makes it even easier. The donor and donation data automatically flow into the system via an interface and can be fully processed. Extensive workflows and targeted donor communications are conceivable and, above all, realizable far beyond the thank you.

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