Statistics & evaluations in the VEWA dashboard

Statistics & evaluations of theDonation management

With GRÜN VEWA7 you have your donor data under control - we will provide you with the Donation management powerful analysis tools are available.

Would you like to be able to answer practically every conceivable question immediately? Would you like to know how much the donation proceeds from a specific mailing? Or are you looking into the question of why a mailing worked particularly well? Our analysis tools answer these and other questions on an ad hoc basis.

In GRÜN VEWA7, we provide donation organizations with various tools for creating evaluations.

Comprehensive classic standard evaluations are stored in the so-called print managers in VEWA. This allows you to call up predefined reports at the push of a button, e.g. Pareto analysis, life-time value evaluations, campaign evaluations with cost comparison, donor classification, donor scorings, donor rates, evaluation of monthly donations for campaigns and promotional codes in a year-on-year comparison, Distribution of donations according to freely definable criteria, etc.

These predefined analyzes can also be freely changed via the aforementioned print manager, depending on your company's requirements. New, individual evaluations can also be freely defined by your staff using the print manager.

In addition, the so-called ODM - the on-site print manager - is available for generating dynamic lists. In these lists you can navigate, sort, select and group data with the mouse. This means that in GRÜN VEWA7 also provides a tool to be able to flexibly access the database of our fundraising solution.

But the ODM is not just a pure evaluation and list tool. With the help of these ODM views you can find special information very easily and quickly, navigate through our VEWA system and, in combination with, for example, the VEWA dashboard, also map more complex processes in the area of ​​donation management.

In GRÜN VEWA7 has extensive statistics available in the new Dashboard XL. In this dashboard, which can simply be "brought into" the screen with a click of the mouse, each employee has access to various statistical donor and donation data.

The special thing about the Dashboard-XL is that these are not rigid, but the displayed data can be filtered with a click of the mouse. A large amount of information can be derived from a dashboard.

You can easily and conveniently adapt the Dashboard-XL to your needs. The key figures that are most important to you can be set up using the Dashboard Manager. In this tool, the different views and graphics can be dragged and dropped into the dashboard and positioned there.

With the additional module Business Intelligence, GRÜN VEWA7 provided new, dynamic ad'hoc analyzes in the area of ​​donation management. The Business Intelligenc module serves as a strong extension of our standard software both for reporting and for making selections, for example in the preparation of mailings.

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