VEWA donation management

Management of donors

Your donors can have all the information in GRÜN VEWA7 to get managed. There are no restrictions due to the flexibility of the system. You can map the relationship network of your donors in VEWA. Whether family, employee, functionary or VIP: you always have an eye on all relationships. All information and key figures are available in compact form at a glance when the individual donors are viewed.

GRÜN VEWA7 gives you the answer to your questions and supports you optimally in the creation of the donor pool. Functions for address enrichment (e.g. by means of Klick-Tel integration) and for improving the address quality with reference databases, as well as an innovative concept for dealing with duplicates round off the capabilities of the Donation management .

Project sponsorships in the sense of direct debit or permanent donations can already be in the standard of GRÜN VEWA7 can be conveniently recorded.

A complete child sponsorship management is also available through the licensing of an optionally available additional module. Here you can manage the information on sponsored children with their master data, photos and curriculum vitae.

Depending on the nature of the child sponsorship, classic 1: 1 marketing in the sense of personal sponsorship can be carried out: In this case, a sponsored child has exactly one sponsor. The communication between sponsor and sponsored child is more individual and makes corresponding demands on the mapping in IT systems. But other relationships are also possible here: a sponsored child can of course have several sponsors.

The assignment of the sponsored children to the sponsor, the calculation of sponsorships up to the booking of payments is done easily and conveniently from VEWA.

The additional module activity donations can be used in GRÜN VEWA7 manages not only monetary donations, but also other donations, such as time donations in the context of voluntary work or special campaigns, such as occur in the CSR environment of companies.

For example, a school class starts an action together with the teacher in favor of your donation organization. The students have agreed to run as many laps as possible around the school premises. The teacher found a sponsor who agreed to donate 2 euros for each lap run.

At the end of the campaign, the children all ran 112 laps together, for example. Thanks to the teacher and her students can now be given from VEWA. For example, each child receives their own certificate, all of which are sent to the school's contact details for the teacher. The donation receipt then takes the usual route - from the thank you to the receipt, always in relation to the action and the performance of the students.

In the standard model of GRÜN VEWA7 is one Financial accounting interface to many common financial accounting already included.

This includes the financial accounting of
  • Diamond software
  • AccountingNet
  • Lexware
  • Legend
  • SAP FI
Other financial accounting may be due to the flexibility of the VEWA interface also be set up.

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