VEWA seminar management: processing

Event handling

Your participants and customers are the focus. Also in ours seminar management from GRÜN VEWA7. This is why they are managed centrally in the participant management with all the necessary information. In addition to your participants, you can use GRÜN VEWA7 of course prepare and follow up your events. For example, you can create lists of participants with or without signature, name badges or place cards or certificates of attendance and certificates directly from VEWA.

Extensive functions are available in GRÜN VEWA7 available.

In mask views for seminars and courses or especially for conferences and congresses, all participations or the current status of bookings can be viewed at a glance.

In addition, extensive print editions are available in the area of ​​event preparation, such as lists of participants with or without signature, name tags or place cards.

In the CRM of GRÜN VEWA7, all participants are recorded and managed with all available master and movement data. The booking of new participants for an event is mapped in the form of a workflow and is therefore very easy and quick.

Various options are available in the area of ​​participant registration. Whether it is a classic registration by phone, fax, letter or email, online registration via the Internet or on-site registration using our mobile GRÜN mVEWA app - we offer you the right solution for every situation.

Participants also receive various information depending on their chosen registration method: This ranges from the automated sending of e-mails when registering online via our Internet solution GRÜN eVEWA system up to the dispatch of registration confirmations including extensive seminar documents in a postal participant package.

Extensive functions complete the participant management in GRÜN VEWA7 from: This includes letters of invitation, waiting lists, various exports to service providers as well as extensive cancellation management with support from processes in individual cancellation up to the cancellation of a complete event and communication with the participants.

In the area of ​​event follow-up, various print editions, such as certificates of attendance and certificates, are pending for production GRÜN VEWA7 available.

If our modular internet system is used GRÜN eVEWA can automatically make these documents available to a participant in the participant community. In addition, after an event, the plan figures (plan costs in GRÜN VEWA7) in conjunction with the costs actually incurred (from financial accounting), conclusions can be drawn for future planning.

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Customer platform we offer all customers and interested parties free access to exclusive Video Tutorials and Product innovations on. In short videos with audio, we show you the functions of our software solutions. The documentation, Best Cast examples and software versions can also be accessed here. The customer platform also serves as a ticket system for VEWA customers.

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