For example, seminar providers can use Process Automation to automatically map the process of registering for participation.

Process automation for education providers

Standard processes that are carried out again and again can be used in GRÜN VEWA7 can be carried out automatically via process automation. For example, seminar providers can use Process Automation to control the process of a Registration for participation map automatically.

The participation registration workflow automatically processes all new registrations for events.

First, the status of the registration is checked. In the case of a participant on the waiting list, a waiting list confirmation is printed out, archived and transferred to the workflow for the communication switch. A check will then be carried out until the start of the event to determine whether there are any free places. If free places are available, the registration status is changed from “waiting list” to “registered”.

At the same time, all registrations with the status "Registered" will receive a registration confirmation after 2 days and an invoice after 7 days. Both documents are archived and then transferred to the workflow for the communication switch. In the current project, we have assumed that the standard workflow for participation registrations will be used. We would be happy to discuss the details and any individualities as part of the workshop.

Existing processes can be viewed and edited using the Process Automation Manager.

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