Statistics & evaluations of theOnline seminar management

Dashboards in GRÜN eVEWA4 enable in the Online seminar management a graphical entry and an evaluation of the data in our event management system. With a click of the mouse you can dive into the depths of data management and navigate through our eVEWA system very intuitively and easily. So-called key performance indicators (KPI) are available to you at a glance and show the most important key figures for your organization and specifically for your task.

Various analyzes can be displayed on dashboards in eVEWA. This takes place in the form of portlets, which can simply be 'dragged' onto the dashboard with the mouse. This includes, for example, information about the booking or occupancy status of your events - e.g. the click of the mouse can be filtered on the underbooked events of the next 14 days.

In addition to the analyzes and statistics, an event monitor is also available on the dashboard for evaluation, which enables a dynamic analysis of all event and participant-specific information.

A monitor is a view of data in which the user can navigate with the mouse, can 'down-drill' in data stocks with a click of the mouse in order to obtain information on the membership base.

Classic requirements in the area of ​​analyzes and evaluations, such as the degree of utilization of upcoming events, topic analyzes (in the standard model can be evaluated in three levels according to 'type', 'category' and 'sub-category'), seminar revenues, etc. are extensively supported.

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