Project Wings uses online donation forms for face-to-face fundraising

Project Wings is realizing a village made of plastic waste: 250 tons of collected plastic waste are the foundation for the largest recycling village in the world. Reforestation work, recycling and animal welfare are financed through donations, which Project Wings wins primarily through face-to-face fundraising. The online donation form comes from GRÜN spendino is used by the fundraisers to digitally input donor data.

The Project Wings GmbH has a vision: The topic of environmental protection should be socially acceptable. Your core project is the construction of the largest recycling village in the world in the middle of the Indonesian rainforest. The idea: Use the waste as a raw material.

While traveling through Sumatra, the four founders of Project Wings saw that the country is literally sinking into plastic waste. After China, Indonesia is the world's largest producer of plastic, but hardly anything has been recycled to date. So the idea arose to build an entire village out of plastic waste. The idea: Use the waste as a raw material. A plastic bottle is filled to the brim with plastic waste. This then creates what are known as Ecobricks, a kind of plastic building block.

A huge project that not only makes plastic disappear from nature, but also creates jobs. The locals collect, clean and stuff the plastic garbage into large plastic bottles with a stick to create the Ecobricks. These Ecobricks can be created very easily. In addition, the locals receive around 30 cents for each Ecobrick and can use it to buy a large, warm meal.

Financing through donations

The project is financed by donations. With a donation of 15 euros, for example, around 25 kilograms of plastic waste can be processed into Ecobricks. In addition to the Ecobricks, Project Wings also collects donations for tree sponsorships and animal welfare.

For the first eight months after it was founded, the project was financed exclusively through the income from face-to-face fundraising. This enabled Project Wings to reach a large number of loyal long-term donors and promote the growth of their projects. "Especially in this day and age, when everything boils down to digitization, I still find the personal conversation to be the most effective and I believe that you can use it to build a very good basis for permanent donors," says Marc Helwing, Managing Director and founder of Project Wings. as a success factor. Project Wings is supported and promoted by many companies, foundations and also celebrities, such as the former Bundesliga player René Adler.

Online donation form for face-to-face fundraising

The Online donation form developed by GRÜN spendino has integrated Project Wings into its own website. The donor can get an overview of the projects on the website. For each project, Project Wings im Cockpit of GRÜN spendino created an individual online donation form and integrated it on the website.

When it comes to fundraising, Project Wings relies primarily on that Face-to-face fundraising. And for face-to-face fundraising, the online donation form from GRÜN spendino is never missing: “We are in the pedestrian zones, at trade fairs or festivals and have opened the online donation form on our tablets. There, the people on site and under guidance in a live conversation can directly register ”, reports Marc Helwing, managing director and founder of Project Wings.

Wings Experience and Wings Life

In addition to the donations, the projects are also financed through profits from an online shop and an academy:

  • WINGS Life is its own online shop that offers sustainable and plastic-free products. 100% of the profits from the sales flow into the projects of Project Wings.
  • The WINGS experience is an academy that trains and supports other organizations in the areas of communication, media presence and, above all, face-to-face fundraising. “With Wings Expierence we try to teach other organizations how to get started. Because in order to set up an online shop, acquire companies and achieve a strong external presence, you need a certain number of long-term sponsors, ”explains Marc Helwing. The training sessions also demonstrate how Project Wings uses the online donation form from GRÜN spendino uses most efficiently in face-to-face fundraising.

More face-to-face fundraising again in the near future

Because of Corona, Project Wings had to do without face-to-face fundraising for a long time. The plan for the near future, however, is to increase the number of permanent donors with active face-to-face fundraising to 4.000 to 5.000 permanent donors. In addition, as part of the WINGS Experience project, other aid organizations are to accompany Project Wings in the pedestrian zone with face-to-face fundraising and experience the direct implementation of the fundraising strategy. You will also learn how to use the online donation form from GRÜN spendino trained and learn how to use it most effectively in face-to-face fundraising.


Ecobricks recycled


Trees planted


Donation projects related to animal welfare, reforestation and the recycling village

"The online donation forms from GRÜN For us, spendino is an important, digital tool in face-to-face fundraising for collecting donor data "

- Marc Helwing, managing director and founder of Project Wings gGmbH

Marc Helwing, managing director and founder of Project Wings gGmbH

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