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Hardly any donation mailings and little social media fundraising: The “Kartei der Not” foundation relies on classic reporting and donation events organized by other organizations on behalf of the Kartei der Not for fundraising measures. That GRÜN spendino online donation form helps with the safe and smooth donation processing.

The Foundation Card index of distress is an aid organization of the media group Pressedruck and the Allgäuer newspaper publisher founded in 1965 by the publisher Ellinor Holland. Under the motto "The need on our doorstep concerns us all!" The aid organization supports people in need in the region who are in need through no fault of their own. The foundation works closely with other organizations, associations and social institutions so that needs-based help can be guaranteed. Around 45 million euros have already been distributed to those in need. Around 3.000 children and 600 families are supported in this way every year.

The Ellinor-Holland-Haus in Augsburg, built in 2016, is the first major project of its own by Kartei in Not. People who find themselves in a difficult situation find a home there for a limited time. With pedagogical support, but above all through a lot of self-motivation and personal involvement, the residents should quickly find their way back to a life of their own choosing.

Online donation form for annual radio campaigns

The card index of need has been using this since 2019 Online donation form GRÜN spendino to collect online donations on your own website - and with success: “Thanks to spendino we have been able to generate significantly more online donations. And the nice thing about it is that the entire donation process is automated. It was also important for us to see that the online donation form can handle many simultaneous accesses without any problems, ”reports Arnd Hansen, managing director of Kartei der Not.

The donation form saves the aid organization a lot of work during its largest fundraising campaign of the year RT1 Christmas dreams, which are organized together with the radio station HITRADIO RT1: "The spendino donation form is our most important tool in our Christmas dreams campaign, because the radio listeners are a different target group than our regular donors and they therefore use the online donation tool more often," explains Arnd Hansen . In addition to companies, the listeners of the station are also asked for donations. During the four-day donation marathon, donors can simply make their donation directly using the online donation form and at the same time enter their desired hit for the special broadcast and a greeting. For those who prefer to call the broadcaster, the broadcaster has been provided with an additional online donation form for their intranet. In this, the donation pledges made by telephone are recorded directly and thus uniformly GRÜN spendino handled.

In 2020 there was even a new one Donation record set up: More than 423.000 euros were donated to the card index of need during the Christmas campaign. “It's so gigantic what comes together in this action, I don't even know what else to say. The spendino form has already paid off for that alone, ”says Arnd Hansen happily.

The card index of need GRÜN spendino online donation form

Anyone who would like to organize their own fundraising campaign in the name of the Kartei der Not will receive plenty of support from the aid organization. Not only flyers, stickers or posters with a logo are made available, but also the online donation form from GRÜN spendino, which can be linked on the organizer's website. This not only reduces the effort involved in donation processing enormously, the donors can also send their donation directly to the aid organization. The fundraising campaigns are organized by a wide variety of organizers. These include, for example, senior citizens' communities, card round tables, authorities, associations and many other organizations.

During the corona pandemic, the online donation form came from GRÜN spendino is also used in the administrative district in Augsburg, where donations were collected for the card index of need. For this purpose, the online donation form was also integrated on the corresponding website for a certain period of time: “What used to take place as a district with a few thousand physical participants was then done online. Everyone ran for himself and put his result online with a picture and the registration fee was donated to the card index of need using the online donation form, ”says Arnd Hansen.

Successful even with little social media and donation mailings

The emergency card index is part of the Pressedruck media group. These include several newspaper publishers as well as radio and television stations such as the radio station HITRADIO RT1. For this reason, the relief organization differs significantly from other organizations when it comes to fundraising measures. Neither Instagram, nor SMS donations or classic donation mailings are used by the aid organization, with the exception of the annual Christmas mailing: “Our readers are informed about our work online and in paper form in our newspaper. That saves an incredible amount of money, working time and resources, ”reports Arnd Hansen. Thanks to the broad coverage of the company's own media company and the donation campaigns by third parties, all target groups of the aid organization are reached and costly, other fundraising appearances are spared.

Another advantage is that the media company fully covers the administrative costs of the relief organization. This ensures that every donation goes to the card index of need 100% can enter into the assistance.

Screenshots of the websites of the Foundation "Kartei der Not"


“Thanks to the online donation forms from GRÜN spendino, we were able to digitize our various partnerships for fundraising events and generate more donations. "

- Arnd Hansen, managing director of the foundation "Kartei der Not"

Arnd Hansen, Managing Director Kartei der Not
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