Ivaris AG becomes GRÜN Ivaris AG

The Swiss Ivaris AG became GRÜN Ivaris AG changed its name. Flurina Torri is the new CEO and managing director. Heike Hochstrasser will remain as a member of the management team. All known contacts remain the same.

Aachen / Zurich, June 21.12.2023, XNUMX. The Ivaris AG, a Swiss market leader for educational software, was integrated into the GRÜN Group to GRÜN Ivaris AG renamed. The name change is the next step in the Ivaris generational change that began in July. The long-standing managing directors Jean-Pierre Kousz and Heike Hochstrasser sold their shares in the company to the Aachen-based company in the summer of 2023 GRÜN Software Group handed over from Germany.

In addition, Flurina Torri was recruited from the company's proven management as the new CEO and managing director. The business administration graduate has been working in the management team for 9 years and is looking forward to her expanded role: “I am happy about my new task and the successful path of the GRÜN To further expand Ivaris,” says Flurina Torri. She sees one of the core tasks in the further development of internet-based solutions for other professions and universities. The long-time managing director and former partner Heike Hochstrasser will remain as a member of the management team and, in addition to project work, will also focus on strategic issues. Alexander Kutsch and the former partner Jean-Pierre Kousz will also remain on the board of directors, so that the continuous process of succession will continue GRÜN Ivaris will continue in the planned continuity and sustainability.

The location of the GRÜN Ivaris in Wallisellen near Zurich as well as all contact persons and their known contact details will be retained.

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