IDW PS 880 certification for GRÜN eVEWA4

The GRÜN Software Group GmbH has successfully received the software certification IDW PS 880 for industry software GRÜN eVEWA4 acquired. This certification confirms that the software meets the legal and accounting standards set out in the IDW Software Product Audit Standard. This certification represents a milestone as it confirms the software's compliance with strict legal and accounting standards.

The independent audit was carried out by the interev GmbH carried out and followed the high requirements of the IDW testing standard PS 880, which specializes in testing software products. The methodology was based on system tests in the IT sector (IDW PS 330) and took into account the regulations of IDW RS FAIT 1, which focus on regularity and security requirements for IT use.

The main objective of the audit was to ensure that GRÜN When used correctly, eVEWA4 meets all relevant legal regulations and requirements of the principles of proper accounting. The auditors evaluated the effectiveness of the measures implemented in the software, partly on the basis of samples and by assessing the tests carried out in their own audit. The positive result confirms that GRÜN eVEWA4 meets the necessary regularity, security and control requirements.

The issuance of the software certificate is a crucial step for the GRÜN Software Group GmbH, as it underlines compliance with high standards in software development. However, it is emphasized that in the event of significant expansions or changes in future versions of the software, a new check will be necessary.

“This certification is a confirmation of our commitment to quality and trust in our software development,” said Oliver Grün, PhD., CEO of GRÜN Software Group GmbH. “We are proud to offer our customers software that is not only powerful but also fully compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.”

This recognition is particularly important for companies and organizations that need to rely on reliable and legally compliant software solutions. With GRÜN With eVEWA4, users can be sure that they are using software that meets the highest standards.

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